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2020 Passion Projects

Passion Projects 2020

Passion Projects are a year-long, deep-dive research project and exploration of students’ interests, passions, and/or curiosities. Passion Projects are student chosen, student-driven, and student-curated projects intended to support our students in furthering their own personal discovery of who they are and what they love. TREE Academy's Passion Projects Team supports students as they select their own Passion Project topic, find a mentor (optional), conduct research on their own, and embark on this incredible, explorative journey. 6th-10th grade students will be expected to complete a Passion Project by the end of the school year with benchmark assignments which will be provided by the Passion Projects Team along the way. This yearlong project culminates with one of TREE Academy’s signature all-community events, the Arts and Sciences Passion Projects Fair, whereby the students will be able to feature and present their work to each other and the TREE Academy community. Here are the highlights from 2020.

Ajani Howard
Google Architecture
Dawson Yee
Eden Blakeney and Julia Saeed
Eva Gaha
Australian Wildfires
Grace Hope
Grace MacPherrson
Augmented Reality for Autism
Henry Braren
Beat Making
Jesse Noble
Louie Hillcoat
Owen Kirk
Basketball Graphic Design
Woody Tuttle
Dungeons & Dragons