Covid Mitigation Plans

The following is based on Los County requirements (which are not always the same as the State of California's rules for reopening). All schools in Los Angeles County are subject to the County's rules, even if other municipalities are operating under a different set of rules or standards.

Steps we have taken in preparation for the reopening of our campus:


  1. Refurbished all exterior windows and interior hall vents to improve airflow

  2. Purchased multiple high-end Hepa Filters for every room (capable of scrubbing Covid and its variants from the air)

  3. Complied with City, County, and State protocols/requirements for the reopening of schools

  4. Purchased reserve PPE for faculty and staff, including face-shields

  5. Purchased 10 non-touch thermometers for temperature taking at TREE

  6. Purchased 6 motion-triggered, hand-sanitizing stations for the interior of our campus

  7. Purchased 6 portable hand-washing stations for outside (to facilitate morning hand washing while simultaneous social distancing during morning arrival times

  8. Completed a room-by-room inspection of our campus with an Industrial Hygienist and made all recommended changes to our campus facilities

  9. Marked campus with stickers to assist with social distancing and directional foot traffic arrows

  10. Positioned large fans to increase airflow exhaust in the hallway

  11. Installed Hi-Def Cameras/Mics in our classrooms to facility classroom/online learning

  12. Training of Faculty and Staff in Covid safety procedures and protocols

TREE will require every member of our school community to wear a well-fitted, surgical-grade face covering during all indoor activities, per the recommendations of the Los Angeles Department of Health protocols (cloth masks have proven to be ineffective at stopping the spread of the virus and its variants).

Every person who comes to campus must wear a well-fitted, surgical-grade face-covering/mask for all indoor activities. While we encourage masks outside, they are not required at this time.


Students who would like to come to campus to attend their classes in person -- but who are not yet vaccinated (for any reason) -- will be tested 3 times a week at TREE Academy before classes begin.


How our on-campus testing will work:


Unvaccinated students will need to be dropped off at 7:45 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at TREE’s Holloway entrance -- the green gate entrance on Holloway that opens into our Peace Garden (it has a “Welcome, Please enter through the side entrance” sign on it).


Our Peace Garden is an outside space that can provide safety and some privacy as trained, certified members of our staff guide unvaccinated students to self-administer a lower nasal passage swab (not to be confused with the uncomfortable, upper-nasal passage swab method).


The antigen tests will produce results within 15 to 30 minutes. Students will remain in the Peace Garden until our staff has determined the result of their test to be negative.


Prior to testing negative for Covid, no student will be permitted to enter the campus building.


With a negative-for-Covid test result, the student will be directed to enter our building and navigate their way down to the basketball court to join in the Morning Circle, starting at 8:30a.


Should a student receive a positive-for-Covid test result (which can be a “false positive"), the student will immediately be given a nasal swab PCR test. Since the PCR takes between 24 and 48 hours to complete, our staff will immediately contact the student’s family.


The student will be escorted back out onto Holloway, walked to our parking lot’s entrance, and down to a pre-designated area of our parking lot to be promptly picked up by a family member.


Families with unvaccinated students who come to campus will need to be available to quickly pick up their student in the event of a second positive-for-Covid test result.


If any other student or staff members came into close contact with the potentially Covid-positive student, they will be alerted and then tested 3 times a week for the following two weeks.


The student whose initial test was positive-for-Covid will need to isolate at home until the PCR test results are available from the lab. Should the PCR test indicate a negative-for-Covid result, the student will be able to return to campus the next school day and resume the weekly testing procedures. 


Should the PCR test indicate a positive-for-Covid result, the student will not be able to return to campus until he/she/they has fully recovered and has completed a subsequent PCR test with a negative-for-Covid result. 


We are required to report any PCR positive-for-Covid test results to the Los Angeles Department of Public Health.


Important to know:

We will end our on-campus testing on December 17th, 2021. As of January 3rd, 2022, all unvaccinated students wishing to attend in-person classes or come to campus for any reason must be tested 3 times a week by a recognized testing entity, including those with a medical exemption. Those testing results must be submitted and verified prior to coming to campus.


Our entire faculty and staff will be fully vaccinated by the start of our new school year. Our team took this step to not only protect themselves but to also do all they could to ensure the safety of our students and families. Let’s do all we can to keep them as safe as possible, too.


The State of California will train and certify members of our staff to administer the Covid tests.


Wearing well-fitted, surgical-grade face coverings and getting vaccinated are by far the best strategies we have to stop the spread of Covid and its variants.


Cloth masks have proven to be less effective at stopping the spread of the virus and are therefore unsafe.


Full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine is reportedly imminent. We urge any of our members of our community who can be vaccinated to get vaccinated as soon as possible.


In crafting our anti-Covid measures, we have had the benefit of consulting closely with one of our nation’s leading epidemiologists and emerging disease specialists every step of the way.


Last but importantly, we will not be able to safely host a lunch service at TREE during the fall semester. We will look forward to being able to host one again during our spring semester, conditions permitting.


What you can do:

1.  Please keep us informed if you travel and quarantine your family following your travels.

2.  Observe Covid precautions in your own lives, especially at gatherings.


3.  Bring your unvaccinated student on time for testing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


4.  Keep your student(s) at home rather than send them to school if they are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Covid. If in any doubt, take your student for testing. 

We may also close our school for a couple of days while we investigate further to try to determine the actual number of potential and/or real infections.

        Any students experiencing the following symptoms should stay at home until they have

        fully recovered:            

a. Fever

b. Cough

c. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

d. Chills

e. Repeated shaking with chills

f. Fatigue or muscle pain

g. Headache or Sore throat

h. Congestion or runny nose

i. Nausea or vomiting

j. Diarrhea

k. Loss of taste or smell (a symptom far more indicative of Covid than the flu)