Covid Mitigation Plans

The following is based on Los County requirements (which are not always the same as the State of California's rules for reopening). All schools in Los Angeles County are subject to the County's rules, even if other municipalities are operating under a different set of rules or standards.

Dear TREE Community,

With the promised increases in the availability of the vaccines going forward, we can begin to plan more concretely for our hoped-for reopening of campus this school year.  Here is an inclusive overview of the scope of preparations we have made at TREE in anticipation of our reopening of campus, and the developments that will need to take place for that to be possible. They are:

  1. Los Angeles County will need to be removed from the Purple Tier, indicating a sufficient drop in the local infection rate for schools to reopen. No Middle/High Schools in Los Angeles County will be permitted to reopen until that occurs (until the infection rate drops to 7 per 100,000).

  2. Gov. Newsom recently announced that 10% of the available vaccines will be set aside for teachers. He is expected to designate Teachers as "Essential Workers" by March 1st, enabling our faculty to be prioritized to receive their first and second dose vaccinations ahead of other populations/groups in Los Angeles.

  3. That there will be enough vaccine doses available to provide all Los Angeles teachers the opportunity to receive their first dose sometime in March, and a second dose within the 21 to 28-day window.

Steps we have taken in preparation for the reopening of our campus:


  1. Refurbished all exterior windows and interior hall vents to improve airflow

  2. Purchased multiple high-end Hepa Filters for every room

  3. Complied with City, County, and State protocols/requirements for the reopening of schools

  4. Purchased reserve PPE for faculty and staff, including face-shields

  5. Purchased 10 non-touch thermometers for temperature taking at TREE

  6. Purchased 6 motion-triggered, hand-sanitizing stations for the interior of our campus

  7. Purchased 6 portable hand-washing stations for outside (to facilitate morning hand washing while simultaneous social distancing during morning arrival times

  8. Completed a room-by-room inspection of our campus with an Industrial Hygienist and made all recommended changes to our campus facilities

  9. Marked campus with stickers to assist with social distancing and directional foot traffic arrows

  10. Positioned large fans to increase airflow exhaust in the hallway

  11. Redesigned our schedule to limit our class size to 5 students per room, per class (to maintain the required social distancing, including limiting bathroom occupancy

  12. Installed Hi-Def Cameras/Mics in our classrooms to facility classroom/online learning

  13. Arranged for bi-weekly, on-site Covid testing for all faculty, staff, and students in attendance during on-campus testing visits.

  14. Constructed a special Hybrid model schedule for a late Spring reopening

  15. Training of Faculty and Staff in Covid safety procedures and protocols



As we wait for Los Angeles’ infection rate to drop so that our county can be reassigned to a lower infection rate tier, we will host Advisory Days at campus for our students on:


Tuesday, March 2nd

Wednesday, March 10th

Thursday, March 18th

Tuesday, March 23rd


On each of those days our student schedule will be as follows:


6th & 7th Graders       9a to 10a

8th Graders                 10a to 11a

9th Graders                 11a to 12p


10th Graders               12:30p to 1:30p

11th Graders                1:30p to 2:30p

12th Graders                2:30p to 3:30p


We will practice all Covid prevention measures listed below on each of our Advisory Day.




Our Spring vacation begins on March 27 and extends through April 11, meaning the earliest we can hope to reopen campus would be in the second half of April (after our Spring Break).


When we do reopen our campus, to meet all current, required social distancing prescribed by local and state officials, we will use a Hybrid Model.



To maintain social distancing requirements, we will limit our classrooms to 5 students each. To make this possible, we must also limit the total number of students permitted at campus on any given day. Students not attending classes in person on any given day will attend that day’s classes online -- made possible by our Hi-Def classroom cameras/mics.


A separate schedule is being created for every TREE student who would like to attend on-campus classes on a limited basis in the spring. Students who would prefer to attend their spring classes online will be able to do so, just as they are currently doing.


In addition to the Hybrid Model, anyone coming to campus will need to:


  1. Wear an appropriate and well-fitted face covering.

  2. Have their temperatures taken. Anyone with a temperature of 99 or more will not be admitted onto our campus that day.

  3. Wash their hands with soap and water outside before entering our campus.

  4. Observe and maintain social distancing throughout their stay on campus


And inside our campus:


  1. Well-fitted masks/face-coverings will be mandatory at all times.

  2. We will all practice 6 feet of social distancing as possible throughout the day.

  3. Students will only be permitted to sit on the same side of a desk or outside table, and not directly across from each other as per the sticker markings

  4. There will be hand sanitizing stations outside every room.  

  5. Each room will be equipped with High-Efficiency HEPA air cleaners/filters (exceeding all local and State regulatory requirements)

  6. Every class will clean its classroom space/desks/chairs/common areas and door-knobs/handles after each class with disposable disinfectant wipes.

On-Campus Covid Testing


We are arranging for regular, on-campus Covid testing.


In addition to testing, any students experiencing the following symptoms should stay at home until they have fully recovered:            

a. Fever

b. Cough

c. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

d. Chills

e. Repeated shaking with chills

f. Fatigue or muscle pain

g. Headache or Sore throat

h. Congestion or runny nose

i. Nausea or vomiting

j. Diarrhea

k. Loss of taste or smell (a symptom far more indicative of Covid than the flu)

The promising news: it appears all who want to take the vaccines may be able to receive their doses beginning in late April, and continuing throughout the summer due to increases in supplies and distribution. This is expected to include students of all ages. We at TREE are therefore planning for a full return to campus by the Fall -- even though we all will still likely still be donning masks.  The Hi-Def Cameras and Mics will continue to stream our classes to our TREE students who may be unable to attend on any given day.


We will continue to post this information, along with any updates or changes, in our upcoming TREE Newsletters.


Thank you all.


With My Best,