Covid Mitigation Plans

The following is based on Los County requirements (which are not always the same as the State of California's rules for reopening). All schools in Los Angeles County are subject to the County's rules, even if other municipalities are operating under a different set of rules or standards.

Steps we have taken in preparation for the reopening of our campus:


  1. Refurbished all exterior windows and interior hall vents to improve airflow

  2. Purchased multiple high-end Hepa Filters for every room (capable of scrubbing Covid and its variants from the air)

  3. Complied with City, County, and State protocols/requirements for the reopening of schools

  4. Purchased reserve PPE for faculty and staff, including face-shields

  5. Purchased 10 non-touch thermometers for temperature taking at TREE

  6. Purchased 6 motion-triggered, hand-sanitizing stations for the interior of our campus

  7. Purchased 6 portable hand-washing stations for outside (to facilitate morning hand washing while simultaneous social distancing during morning arrival times

  8. Completed a room-by-room inspection of our campus with an Industrial Hygienist and made all recommended changes to our campus facilities

  9. Marked campus with stickers to assist with social distancing and directional foot traffic arrows

  10. Positioned large fans to increase airflow exhaust in the hallway

  11. Installed Hi-Def Cameras/Mics in our classrooms to facility classroom/online learning

  12. Training of Faculty and Staff in Covid safety procedures and protocols

TREE will require every member of our school community to wear a well-fitted, surgical-grade face covering during all indoor activities, per the recommendations of the Los Angeles Department of Health protocols (cloth masks have proven to be ineffective at stopping the spread of the virus and its variants). This requirement may soon be extended to include all outdoor activities as well.

The Covid mitigation facilities refurbishments we undertook at the start of Covid remain in place. They include increased airflow and ventilation capacity throughout our campus, multiple no-touch hand-sanitizing stations and high-efficiency Hepa air filters in every room, capable of scrubbing Covid and its variants from the air.


In the event of a confirmed Covid case on campus, we will follow our protocols for alerting the County Department of Health, as well as all those potentially affected, followed by a period of quarantine and follow-up.  We will contact trace, notify the family or emergency contact person(s) of the exposure, as well as any who may have been exposed, and we will ask that those potentially exposed to quarantine themselves for at least ten days.  

Families/parents will be expected to pick any student who tests positive for Covid immediately.

Additionally, we will request that each potentially exposed individual receive a Molecular (e.g. PCR) test and share the results with our school before returning to campus.

We may also close our school for a couple of days while we investigate further to try to determine the actual number of potential and/or real infections.

Any students experiencing the following symptoms should stay at home until they have fully recovered:            

a. Fever

b. Cough

c. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

d. Chills

e. Repeated shaking with chills

f. Fatigue or muscle pain

g. Headache or Sore throat

h. Congestion or runny nose

i. Nausea or vomiting

j. Diarrhea

k. Loss of taste or smell (a symptom far more indicative of Covid than the flu)