Entire Fortnite History and Storyline Explained

According to PRWeb, the top 10 most popular video games right now (January 12, 2021) ranked by 1.4M votes, Fortnite is the 6th most popular video game in the world. I chose to do my Passion Project on Fortnite because it is one of the most interesting video games I've played. I like it because it’s creative and surprising with all new updates almost every 2 weeks that either change out weapons or add a new imaginative point of interest (POI) or even add a new vehicle. I started playing in Chapter 1, Season 3, and everyone was just getting used to the game, including me. So I wanted to tell you all about how it all began.


Season 1: In the beginning, there was a man named Dr. Vindertech. He was an amazing scientist who was able to make huge adjustments in technology. He is the one who made Vindertech Labs. It may sound familiar as the “V” in V-bucks. He created all of the things in the Battle Royale Island from weapons to Loot Llamas. The island was very rural and had a few farms and only a few towns including Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, and Retail Row. Over time, however, the island began to become a massive target for the energy it had. 

Season 2: Season 2 was for new players to experience the first-ever Battle Pass (The Battle Pass is something that you can buy to unlock new skins or new characters to play with and also includes rewards.) The season didn't have any storyline but it was just for players to have fun and learn the new metas (metas means the most effective tactics available) of the season. The first-ever Battle Pass only had 70 tires (tires are the same thing as levels but tires are for Battle Passes and levels are just for games that have experience, known as xp, and quest) because it was going to be too much for the players. 

Season 3: Things were fairly good for the people of Fortnite Island until a bright light in the sky slowly got closer to the map every day. Telescopes could be found all over the map looking out towards a great big asteroid. Now, as time went on, the truth started to reveal itself. A meteor started coming from the sky and the asteroid was for sure coming for the island. The weeks went on, and a morse code message started to be more obvious. The message said SOS.D5.418. The message wanted to tell us that something big was about to happen. On the map, there were letters and numbers that showed different areas of landing spots and D5 was a location on the map that showed specifically where Tilted Towers used to be.


Season 4: On May 1st, 2018, Season 4 began and a giant asteroid came crashing down to the island. This wiped out the whole map and took out Dusty Depot. Smaller meteorites also hit around the map destroying buildings such as Tilted Towers, the new drive-in movie theater Risky Reels, and also the island prison. Something interesting was the new magic rocks, called Hop Rocks, that filled the crater and when eaten gave players anti-gravity, which means they can jump higher. Even stranger was in the middle of Dusty Divot there was a tiny meteorite that was unbreakable. But not long after a base around the meteorite appeared, players learned it was set up by the government of the island as a safety precaution. But something weird happened. A movie set showed up at Loot Lake and a supervillain mansion appeared on a hill with a rocket. You would think that an island that just had meteorites coming down and destroying buildings wouldn't be so quick to move on and start making movies. Most people don't move on after a giant invasion just happened. 

Now all these major occurrences come to an organization which for the rest of the storyline will be called Organization X. This is one of the things that we will see time and time again. To this day players know very little of Organization X. Now as the day past Hop Rocks were starting to get cleaned up all around the map. It seemed as if they were getting transported away. But soon players found out that they were getting taken away to the rocket base (a base that was created to hold a rocket that was going to hit Tilted Towers.) Now the meteor is another story. As the days went on no progress was made but one day the meteor cracked open and revealed a space pod (something that is used in order to escape and then land somewhere else) and showed that something had escaped. Out of it came an alien who later players come to know as The Visitor. Something that players found out is that he was the one who started the cleanup of the Hop Rocks and was the one who created the rocket. While it was possible to think that it was the cause of Organization X, players didn’t know how, but it seemed that The Visitor hacked the rocket right under Organization X’s nose. The Visitor made sure to send warnings through the TVs and he even started a countdown for when it would launch. 

For someone who is called an alien, The Visitor seemed pretty kind. A button on launch day was pressed and then the rocket flew up high into the sky but then suddenly it turned back down towards the map and just before it struck Tilted Towers, a rift in time and space opened and shot the rocket back up into the sky which made a mark that looked like a wolf clawed at in the sky. Then a couple of days later Season 5 started.


Season 5: At the beginning of Season 5, a giant purple cube struck onto the map and nobody knew where it came from. The cube then began to be a roaming object by moving every one hour and 43 minutes. The cube then proceeded into Loot Lake and started slowly melting, turning the lake into a 

giant purple bounce pad (a bounce pad is something that is used for moving around the map.) Whenever someone landed on the lake they bounced to move quickly from point A to point B.


Season 6: In this Season the cube rose up from the water and brought the center of the house into Loot Lake and it rose above the map. Later, a giant purple fog arrived and in the fog were zombies called Husks. The cube started to spin until it exploded and destroyed the Husks and gave players a first look at The In-Between. The In-Between was a mini live event that happened in Season 6. It was when a character went into a white room filled with 8 guns that were vaulted from in the game. Players had a choice to choose 1 item out of 8 and that 1 item that the players voted for the drum gun. Once the decision was made everyone got teleported back to the main island and the cube did not go willingly but it was destroyed and shattered into the air. Then 3 days later a new season began.


Season 7: A full-scale invasion was being carried out on the island by a man named Sargent Winter. Sergeant Winter’s Island came with more than just a couple of POI (points of interest.). His home was also a frozen mountain which revealed a dangerous secret. It was the home of the Ice King's castle. It held all sorts of stuff including dragon eggs, a sword, and a mysterious chunk of ice hidden in the dungeon. Sergeant Winter may have not known that he was bringing the Ice King with him. The Ice King's only goal was to reach the cube and gain its power. Slowly his servants started collecting pieces of the cube for him so he could attack the island. He floated above his castle in a magical ball doing dark magic. Deep under the castle, some ice was melting. It had been going on for a while but it started to drip faster. It seemed like something was chained under the ice inside the dungeon. Perhaps the heat of the island was too hot to hold all of the Prisoner. Smothered in snow and ice, the island was hidden in darkness until it revealed that the Ice King revealed he spread the snow all over the map.


Season 8: The Prisoner starts to reveal himself more and more until Season 8 begins where he emerges out of the ground from a volcano under Wailing Wood. Whatever the Ice King was looking for, it seems like The Prisoner was too. The Prisoner used Ninja Dragon Hatchlings as his minions to look for treasure. Also, a ghost pirate named Black Heart was trying to get the treasure as well but he only settled as a Battle Pass character. While the Ice King and The Prisoner carried out their plan, Organization X was wrecking their plans as well. Players spotted more and more helicopters all over the map searching for something in a hole that had been dug under the map under Dusty Divot. In the middle of Loot Lake, an excavation had been built. The island's biggest secret was finally revealed. Under Loot Lake there came a mysterious vault. Organization X quickly tried to open the vault on May 4th, 2019. Until they succeeded they successfully opened the vault and in it, they found mysterious weapons, a mysterious mask, and a giant glowing sphere. It could have been the energy Organization X and the Ice King and others were looking for. When the players got transported, a rumble started to shake the ground and the rumble reached the volcano which started to erupt. The volcano started spewing out giant magma balls and with it took out Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and a huge part of the Ice King’s castle.


Season 9: When Season 9 started all the players saw was Peely and Jonesy (Peely is a banana that was one of the most worn Season 8 Battle Pass skins and Jonsey is one of the first default skins) go into a vault and survivors brought them out from hiding from the volcano eruption. Organization X started to gain more knowledge about Fortnite Island and the characters themselves. Suddenly a woman appears named Singularity who gives the survivors all her knowledge and technology. Tilted Towers and Retail Row were rebuilt in cool new ways and had tubes that when the player jumped in it made the player fly to the nearest destination. A monument was built in Neo Tilted in honor of Singularity. The singularity didn't give all her knowledge, she just wanted to give the knowledge to help build their island back but she made people think that she was helping them. Things seemed okay for a while until Polar Peak revealed a giant moving eye in the ice. An eye that big must be attached to an even bigger something. After a week, a big monster from Polar Peak escaped and went on a rampage and almost destroyed the power cord to Neo Tilted. Over the many weeks, Singularity started to build a robot to defeat the monster. But while the head of the robot was being built, the monster decided to attack the island. But this time the monster went straight for the orb. Then the robot rose up from its area and started shooting missiles at the monster. The monster shot back a giant green laser beam at the robot and the robot tackled the monster into the water and Once everyone thought it was over, the monster came back and clawed at the robot's back. It tore off the robot's left arm. The Robot grabbed the orb to gain more energy and started to pull the Singularity statue to reveal a hidden sword! The monster flew back with a punch from the robot. The Robot took the sword and jabbed it right into the monster's eye. The monster was dead and the robot blasted off into the sky, went into space, and was never to be seen again.

Season 10: On August 1st, 2019 Season 10 (referred to as Season X) began. The Zero Point (zero point holds all Fortnite reality together) exploded and merged every single point and timeline together into one. For Instance, the cube (Season 5 and 6), the rocket (Season 4), and the butterfly (Season 8) were all in the same place at once. But then the Zero Point sucked everything back into the island creating something huge, a black hole. A giant meteor was about to hit the players and suddenly all time stopped in Fortnite. The meteor in season 10 was the same meteor that came from Season 4, endless inside the meteor was The Visitor’s space pod and it seemed that he had already escaped but the rocket had already left the island. The Zero Point still was in the middle of Loot Lake and Organization X would maybe try to control it.


Season 11:The black hole was created by the Seven ( a group that tries to keep the player inside the loop of Fortnite) to help players stay inside the lines of Fortnite. Then Chapter 2 Season 1 started and gave us a new code name for the map which was Apollo. At the start of Chapter 2 Season, 1 players were given a brand new map, new locations, and brand-new items to help us in battle. Everything was new, even the graphics. During Chapter 2 Season 1 there wasn't any storyline until the middle of the season and on loading, screen players could see that there were two teams fighting Alter and Ego. The first team Ego crashed on an island and had to figure out if they had evil clones of themselves. Team Alter led by a leader named Chaos Agent was working on plans that were a mystery. Ego started a war with Alter to see who would take over the island. A character in the background of one of the loading screens was taking notes of a fight from Alter and Ego but this wasn't revealed until Chapter 2, Season 2. Near the end of Chapter 2, Season 1 a house in the middle of the island starts to fill up with more gold items every day.


Season 12: Season 12 really begins to fill out the storyline. One of the main characters is a billionaire named Midas, with the power to turn anything into gold, players find out he got his power from an ancient cursed king named Oro. He is also known as the leader of an organization called The Agency. In this Battle Pass players got to unlock members of The Agency which when doing challenges get to choose whether they can choose Ghost or Shadow (Ghost and Shadow are the new Alter and Ego which created a lot of storylines) which created a lot of conflict during the season because people from other teams started to switch from Ghost to Shadow. With The Agency, Alter and Ego were renamed Ghost and Shadow. Midas started to give players so many hints that the island was a simulation and even hinted that the word “Al” was a part of it. Every time Midas killed someone he displayed their mess and put it on a trophy wall so he could remember every time that the loop ( when a person tries to get out of the Fortnite Island a clone of them appears but with different clothes and a different personality) restarted. Midas then hired an engineer named Jules from Shadow to help him with an invention to destroy the loop. They quickly connected the device to the storm because the storm (something that restarts every match that brings players closer and closer) is something that occurs in every match. Near the end of Chapter 2 Season 2 Midas set off the device and it started to hit the storm multiple times then to push the storm back and see if it worked. Then players were mysteriously transported to an office that belonged to a character named John Jones. It then teleported all the players back to the island but then saw that the device failed. Once back on the island, players noticed that the storm now appeared as a wall of water in which sharks and fish were swimming around and were visible to players.

Season 13: In Chapter 2, Season 3 Midas is seen being eaten by a shark and The Agency lead by Jules. We are also introduced to the new water-filled island from Season 3. Players got something new called Marauders which was a form of a team that killed players when nearby. Marauders acted like real players, they built structures, danced, and even shot when other players were near. Season 13 has a small side story about two astronauts who crash-landed on Fortnite Island, named Siona and Dio. Siona needed players' help to fix their spaceship. Players got a quest to help Siona and Dio find missing parts of the spaceship around the map for XP. Once players were ready to launch the spaceship, they could launch the ship into space. Once the spaceship was gone players saw one of the first-ever rifts appear in Chapter 2.


Season 14: During season 14, Iron Man tried to gain control of the Zero Point to rift ( something to transport people or things to Fortnite Island) in some heroes to help other heroes. While Doctor Doom and his minions' conqueror Pleasant Park, Tony Stark started to a rift in different places such as Stark Labs, the Collectors Museum, Panthers Prowl, and many more to all fight Galactus (a villain from the Marvel comics who consume planets energy, he’s nicknamed “devourer of worlds”.) Galactus and Thor fly through space and time when they see a rift that leads to our world. Galactus gets attracted to it and by each day comes closer and closer towards the island. Galactus started to send out robots to come and help him destroy the map and they were pretty hard to defeat. On the day of the event, players were transported to a Helicarrier (a flying aircraft carrier) and there was a huge countdown at the top of it. When the countdown hit zero, anonymous music started playing and Galactus started to rise from the water and destroyed the Helicarrier sending all players flying down. Then out of nowhere Iron Man swooped in and gave players a jetpack and teleported everyone to a flying battle bus. He told players that the battle bus was filled with explosive devices and told players that he would lead everyone to Galactus' mouth so when he eats all the battle buses he would explode and get sent back to where he came from. Successfully, everyone did it and Galactus was sent back to his own world.


Season 15: At the beginning of Chapter 2, Season 5, Jonesy got an alert and told his boss to not let the Zero Point get unstable, but he messed up the alert and tried to fix the Zero Point. At the beginning of Chapter 2, Season 5 the Fortnite community got a huge map change. A giant cracked orb appeared in the sky and the Mandalorian ship crashed in the sand. Many other points of interest returned such as Dur Burger and a new version of Tilted Towers. A place named Stealthy Stronghold had Jurassic Park-like cages but then soon it was revealed that they were predator cages. The characters in the battle pass were bounty hunters that Agent Jones recruited. During the first week, players were introduced to the Bounty Hunter's named Kratos and Master Chief which are both from separate video games such as Halo and God of War. During the new winter areas, snow started to appear and the map was slowly covered with snow. A little bit further into the winter, planes were added as well. Then we started to see rifts open on the map and we got so many other bounty hunters from other games or movies like Aliens, Street Fighter, Flash, and many more.

Season 16: At the beginning of the season players got introduced to a start of season event with Agent Jonsey finding the Leader of The Seven named Foundation. The Foundation sees that the Zero Point is breaking and starts to make a shield with him inside and sacrifices himself to save the Zero Point. Later that week players got wolves, chickens, and boars and were able to craft weapons using mechanical parts which can be taken from cars, boats, and tractors or by using bones from any animals or animal skulls. Two weeks later velociraptors appeared which became annoying at times because they kill players quickly. Can, however, they are tameable and they can tame all the other animals too. And that's where Fortnite’s story is today still in Season 16.


I hope you enjoyed learning what I had to say about the storyline of Fortnite. I think it's fun, creative, and unpredictable. Unlike games that try to simulate reality like war games or driving games, Fortnite invents worlds that are not possible in real life. It allows players to be anything they want from a banana wearing a tuxedo to my favorite superhero The Flash and use ridiculous weapons like a Mythical Goldfish that can be lethal when thrown. Fortnite has brought so many memories for me and my friends. With all its 

creativity and the amount of fun it has brought to me is what made me want to do my Passion Project on Fortnite.

Matteo Meza-Likely