TREE Academy is a new, innovative non-profit school with a customized learning approach for 6th through 12th grade students. We provide both small class and individualized college-preparatory instruction for every academic class, every week -- meaning five tutorials a week for every student. TREE is designed for high achievers as well as for students feeling disillusioned, for those with burning passions and students with alternative learning modes -- all looking for a student-centered, interdisciplinary approach to the Arts, Sciences and New Technologies in a unique, diverse community dedicated to joyful learning, self-discovery and Social Justice.


Our mission is to create schools wherein students from every background will not only acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed academically and professionally, but are equally inspired to develop and refine their individual passions and talents through joyful self-discovery and empathetic service to others. Our every effort and deepest hope is to support our students in leading lives filled with imagination, service, meaning and purpose, ennobled by their dedication to inclusive social justice, shared resource sustainability and enlightened world progress for all human beings


We value our students and their prospects for long, healthy, and happy lives. Our program will incorporate sustainable foods and nutrition as well as a cooking program that will be supported by a thriving, on-campus garden, as well the development of a community educational outreach program in resource sustainability and healthy living.

A New TREE Grows into a Forest

TREE Academy was conceived to be a replicable model for educational reform for Los Angeles and beyond. Our intention is to establish more and more TREEs to make our innovative approach available to a rainbow of students and families. With campuses of no more than 200 students, as well as our full pay/financial grant model, we will not only increase and expand opportunity wherever we take root, but provide every student who attends a TREE Academy a joyful path to discover who they are, what their passion(s) may be, and how they can be of service to others in our world.    

At Heart

Our endeavor at TREE Academy is to encourage, educate, support and challenge our students to not only learn as much as they can about themselves and their world, but to provide them with inspiring, creative opportunities to discover their talents, passions and common humanity -- so that they may live lives filled with imagination, service, meaning and purpose.  ~ Darryl Sollerh

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TREE Academy

8628 Holloway Drive

West Hollywood, CA 90069


Tel: 424.204.5165

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