Our mission is to provide an environment where students from every background will acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed academically and professionally.  In doing so, we hope to inspire students to develop and refine their individual passions and talents through joyful self-discovery and empathetic service to others. We support our students to lead lives filled with imagination, service, meaning, and purpose, shared resource sustainability and enlightened world progress for all human beings. 


With an average 10 students per class, TREE provides each student with five, two-on-one weekly classes in each of the five academic "solids," ensuring that each of our 6th - 12th grade students are able to participate, contribute and discover their passions.


With two-on-one tutoring for every student in all core subjects, our teachers can instill academic rigor while addressing individual student needs. Each student is also scheduled for 4 to 5 weekly class blocks in our Learning Lab (imagine a Library setting with teachers available to answer questions) to further support student independent work. 


Every graduate in the last two years was accepted to their first choice college! TREE also supports students who choose alternative and creative paths to their success.  TREE Academy is Accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), meets all UC A-G Requirements and is Approved by the NCAA. 


Forest Trees


TREE balances life skills and academics. Mentors, counselors, faculty and peer groups provide skills to develop our students’ practical, social and emotional learning.



TREE designed the school to maximize cultural, racial, gender and socioeconomic diversity. Social justice is a core tenet of our philosophy and we practice what we preach.


Rosanna Llorens, a seasoned college counselor with extensive experience, will provide expert guidance to all our incoming seniors and their families. By meeting with both students and families, she will not only help them understand the application process, but also which colleges may be a best fit for each student. She will additionally provide step by step guidance on how to best apply for student loans for families seeking financial support. She and her partner, Abby Chew, will work closely with students to compose their College App Essays or Personal Statements prior to the application season.

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