Mitz Sato

Mitz Sato encompasses the multiculturalism of today’s globalized world. Despite having roots across four continents, he still considers Los Angeles his home. As a student, he was always active in school and the community. Thus prior to attending university, he took time to explore regions in the United States and abroad. During that time, he 

volunteered for a variety of service organizations, supporting communities through education, volunteer work and fundraising activities. After receiving a B.S. in
Business Administration at San Jose University, he worked as a human resource manager in the Bay Area.

Ultimately, his desire to support and educate youth led him to branch out to Seoul, South Korea. There Mitz engrossed himself in the people and society, learning the language, mores and culture of Korea. Utilizing his background and experience, he taught a wide spectrum of students English, American culture and world history. Living in one of the last divided countries, as a teacher he wanted students to reconcile the historical differences of the past and look forward to the future by embracing
diversity, expanding knowledge and understanding and developing critical thinking skills to make a positive and lasting contribution to the world. His desire to extend his vision and passion led him back to Los Angeles and to TREE Academy.

When Mitz is not in the classroom, he spends much of his time outdoors. An avid hiker, camper, cyclist and runner, he enjoys the natural environment accompanied with strenuous activity. Also, he is consistently determined to improve his craft as an educator to provide students with engaging and diverse historical instruction with the proper scaffolding and differentiation that is representative of the student-centered and high achievement of TREE Academy.

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