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TREE Announces New Head of School

Head of School Christopher Wiebe


The TREE Academy Board of Directors is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Chris Wiebe as its new Head of School.

With more than 15 years in independent schools, Dr. Wiebe brings a deep knowledge and innovative approach to educational leadership, with vast experience in curriculum and instruction, culture building, social-emotional learning, talent development, and student-focused, strength-based programming.

Most recently, he was the associate head of school at Bridges Academy in Studio City, where he steered curriculum development, outreach, and special programs. His work has also reached educators at other independent schools through workshops designed to bolster teachers’ ability to meet a broad diversity of student learning needs in the classroom. Dr. Wiebe’s leadership approach comingles insight, creativity, and expertise with good humor, empathy, and intellectual curiosity.  

“Chris is a superb educator and just the right guy for this school at this time!” said Paul Cummins, TREE Academy Board chair and longtime educator.

Prior to the associate head role, he served as a division director where he led several major initiatives, including a drive to maximize project-based learning in the academic core, enhanced technology integration, and an interest-based, personalized learning model to provide connections between high school and college/career. Dr. Wiebe, whose academic background is in philosophy and literature, taught English language arts, philosophy, and music before moving into administration.

In addition to his work in schools, Dr. Wiebe has produced scholarly work concerning national education tech policy, school redesign, educational technology integration, and strength-based programming. Among his publications are book chapters on strength-based programs and social-emotional learning; a critical discourse analysis of diversity, equity, and inclusion statements at public universities; and an examination of ties between national policymakers and ed tech entrepreneurship. A paper based on his dissertation, which explored barriers between pedagogy and technology integration, was a finalist for an American Educational Research Association (AERA) award from the Technology as an Agent of Change, SIG. He also presents at professional conferences, covering issues such as supporting reluctant student writers, personalized learning as college readiness, and vital characteristics and competencies of independent school teachers.

TREE is an innovative non-profit school with a customized academic approach. The school provides both small classes combined with individual college-preparatory instruction — for every student and every class — which means weekly tutorial blocks for each of our core academic classes. TREE is designed for high achievers and students feeling disillusioned, for those with burning passions as well as for those with unique learning styles — all looking for a student-centered, interdisciplinary approach to the creative arts and new technologies at a unique, diverse campus and community center, dedicated to the joy of learning.

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