TREE is a new, innovative non-profit school with a customized academic approach. We provide both small classes combined with individual college-preparatory instruction – for every student, every class, every week -- which means five tutorial blocks per week to our 6th through 12th grade students. TREE is designed for high achievers and students feeling disillusioned, for those with burning passions as well as for those with alternative learning modes — all looking for a student-centered, interdisciplinary approach to the Creative Arts and New Technologies at a unique, diverse Campus and Community Center, dedicated to Social Justice.


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College Ready Graduates​
In addition to SAT prep, we offer a full complement of college-preparatory classes in English, History, Mathematics, Sciences and Foreign Language, with an emphasis on engaging rhetoric and composition. Our Common Core standards, project-based approach creates opportunities for students to gain insights and understanding of the ideas, discoveries, and movements that have shaped our world. Our programs meet or exceed all UC A through G requirements.

The Arts
Arts and music are critically important. Our students’ passions are not only supported, but enthusiastically encouraged. Our programs provide enriched exposure to the arts, including a well-rounded music program, drama and spoken word intensives, graphic design and dance. Our flexible scheduling also allows students to focus on courses relevant to their needs, freeing up time to pursue their dreams.

New Technology​
Our unique programs include project-based challenges in design thinking, employing interdisciplinary principles of math, engineering, physics, chemistry, computer science and graphic arts to equip students with skills in the new frontiers of science and cutting-edge technologies. Our FIO Lab (which stand for “Figure it Out”) provides students with a ability to pursue their ideas across a range of scientific and creative approaches, including 3D printing, Robotics and programming.

A Sustainable World
From our Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies, to our Sustainable World Studies curriculum, TREE seeks to develop student awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing life on this planet. Our approach un-silos the often separated studies of nutrition, agriculture, climate change and resources management, enabling students to understand the interconnectedness of all these areas of critical concern for our sustainable survival on this planet.