Behind the Scenes Look at "Sanctum"

10 Mar 2017


The comic book series Sanctum is being produced as a TREE Academy Passion Project. Its authors are Kobie Dozier, Jason May-Suzuki, and Cheickna Semega.  The project started a few months ago and will continue to be developed as we progress in the school year.
Evergreen was recently granted behind-the-scenes access to a draft of Sanctum’s debut issue. So we sat down to talk to its creators and found out more about the project.
Sanctum started back in September when Kobie, a student at TREE, began drawing anime characters. Then Jason approached Kobie and discussed a plan to develop a comic book series. The third member, Cheickna, was then offered a spot as an artist after Jason and Kobie agreed that they needed more help with their project.

​​The main protagonists are named after the creators, except for a character that is inspired by one of their friends.

The four-man group of characters is thus named Caru, Kobie, Chiekna, and Jason. Together they set off on many different adventures to try and complete their goals. In many ways, the story, the art, and the page layouts have been inspired by many animes such as Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Dragon Ball, and more. The authors have put a lot of heart into their characters and have spent a lot of time developing them.


The Origin of the Characters

The creators decided to give us some information on the background of Sanctum — such as character origins, abilities, and so on.


Kobie was 7 when he obtained his "Sanctum". The sanctum is an ability you receive after going through hard times. It is an ability that is awakened in such moments, and the abilities it gives each person is unique and different for everyone. Kobie’s sanctum, however, wasn’t by natural occurrence. His sanctum was made by Dr.Mono, the main villain of Sanctum’s second arc. Kobie was abducted and tested until his "sanctum" was awakened by unnatural means. He was met by another captured child named Mist whom he nicknamed “M”.


Chiekna was living by himself (which is how he gets his sanctum) and got money for food and water off an underground organization for talented people with strong sanctums. Usually, these fights would be hosted at abandoned stadiums. He was the champion for a while, but once someone came to fight him with a stronger sanctum he was destroyed. He then found him for a rematch in chapter one.


Work On Sanctum 

The authors of Sanctum have learned how hard it is to create a masterpiece. They first had to come up with an idea for a comic book, then they had to write and illustrate the book. The last things are inking, printing about 4 copies for promotional purposes and around 20 for sale. The plan for distributing is up in the air as the authors are not sure how to actually sell comic books just yet.


All of the illustrations and pages of writing take a lot of work. It usually takes a week or two to finish a chapter. Sometimes if the writers are able to concentrate and work harder on Sanctum, they can get about three chapters done a week.


So far we have completed 7 chapters and are going to print out and make copies for sale. The authors have now appreciated what other writers for comic books have done, “It takes a lot of time,” says the team of Sanctum authors.
Beyond Sanctum

The authors say that although Sanctum is their main project right now, when they are ready they plan to expand more, and create different comics for more enjoyment. Although the authors don't know how long Sanctum is going to take, they are sure that it will be a great experience. Not only for them but also the people reading it. 

Authors Jason May-Suzuki, Kobie Dozier, and Cheickna Semega have stated that they enjoy writing Sanctum and hope to keep writing it as long as they can.


The authors have also guaranteed that the experience will hopefully push them towards becoming more than just Sanctum. Nothing has been officially released, however one of the authors Kobie Dozier wants to do a zombie apocalypse story.










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