Trump <—> Brexit: The Facts!

10 Mar 2017

 Recently, in both Europe and the United States, there have been huge unexpected political changes. These changes seemed to come out of nowhere and they shocked many people within those countries and around the world.


The results of these changes were highly unexpected, and many people are not happy with the results. Some have even turned to protesting, signing petitions, and making social media pages opposing politicians and policies. This can be seen on Instagram, Facebook and in the news. The reason people say this is because they are peacefully protesting.


Millions of people voted for Hillary, and in the UK millions voted to stay in the EU. Yet the fact is they failed to win with that majority. Many people may have asked themselves “WHO WANTS TO SUPPORT SOMEONE LIKE TRUMP, AS MUCH THE SAME BREXIT?”. 


It turns out the millions who voted for Trump and BREXIT have many things in common.


Let's start by looking at where the votes were cast.


Here are maps of where the majority of the votes were cast in each country. 


As you can see, many voters of Trump and BREXIT are located in the middle of the country. 


In the UK, most major cities voted to stay. In the US, most coastal cities voted for Hillary. 


New York, Los Angeles and London are all major worldwide cities. New York and London being major cities for business and finance. This means that they are very advanced and open minded places with culturally and politically diverse populations. 


Places like Dallas, Texas, voted mainly for Hillary. While most surrounding areas with small towns and farmland voted for Trump.



All across the state of Texas, the story was the same. According to countless reports, cities with larger, more diverse and better educated populations were all Blue for Hillary. Whilst the surrounding areas, mainly farmland and suburbs, went Red for Trump.


While in the U.K.... 




The middle area, London, is blue. Whilst the surrounding, more rural areas, are red. 


This is a good comparison between the two countries showing that people in cities are more likely to vote for Remaining in the UK and for Hillary in the US. 





1. They wanted less immigrants.

“I want my girl to have a place in school." —BREXIT Voter 


2. They felt like Europe was ripping the UK off.


3. Unemployment.

“There are no job opportunities for me if nothing changes.” —BREXIT Voter


4. Millions of people feel shut out of a political and economic system that has let them down.

“It’s time for change." —BREXIT Voter 





1. They felt that China was ripping the US off.


“Those Chinese are raping us.” — Trump voter


2. They wanted American jobs for Americans. 


“This is America, American jobs for Americans only.”- Trump voter


3. They felt that they had been economically buffeted and feel disenfranchised. 


4. Unemployment 


Sources for above:
“He speaks the truth”- Anonymous Trump supporter


These are a few of many reasons why the majority of people voted for what they voted for. There was a very strong class element to the BREXIT vote, as well as the Trump votes. Now, let’s discuss who voted for BREXIT and Trump.




1. The majority of older people, aged 50+.


2. Working class people, many on government benefits.


3. People living in more rural, small town areas.


4. Many people with a lower level of education. 




1. A lot of the white American population. 


2. Working class people, usually earning an average of $40,000 per year.


3. People who live in rural areas.


4. The majority of people with no college degree.

Sources for the above:





As you can see, there are many similarities between the Trump and the Brexit vote. Not all of the people voted for the same reason or were earning the same amount. Some people may say these two events are a result of the lower class people that were looked upon and sneered at by the people in higher (Political) classes who eventually outvoted them. Most people that I personally know, were shocked at the outcome of these two political events. 



Sometimes you just have to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.


Scenario 1: You are Aaron Smith, A middle-class worker from the countryside town of Basingstoke, England. For many years there have been more and more immigrants coming into your town, opening shops and taking up all available jobs. You have kids, you know that you are going to stay in that town probably for the rest of your life. Your kids have a future ahead of them but you are worried about their jobs and schools being ‘taken’. You have the opportunity of changing this. The conclusion? You vote Brexit!


Scenario 2: You are John Hatcher, a dairy farmer in Idaho, North America. Your family has lived on this farm for centuries. The election comes up, you have two options, Trump of Hillary. Trump is a bit extreme, but a self-made American man. Hillary is a female lawyer who everyone around you thinks is crooked. You like Trump due to the fact that you believe he can stop China from screwing America and you like his ideas and you are against immigrants. The conclusion? You vote for him!


I did not intend to discriminate or use stereotypes in a rude or unmannerly way. I have no side to which is good and which is bad. May no offense be taken by this article! Thank you for reading!


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