Changing Music and Artists

22 Dec 2017



Music has been around since the dawn of time and there have been some pretty amazing artists like Lady Gaga, Neil Diamond, and Katy Perry, but one thing they all have in common is they love making music. I am going to be seeing how modern day artists have changed over the years. I will be covering Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Lil Pump. Over the past decade people have been listening to pop and rap much more than ever before. Personally I love rap music but I believe that the songs with tons of bad words are affecting our modern day world.


Take Kanye West for example, one of his first songs was called “We don’t care” he is talking about drug dealing and and his neighborhood. Back then Kanye's songs had a lot of good messages, but now his music is tons of bad words and he says things that everyone is so amazed that he said that. I believe that Kanye West is a very bad person but a great rapper.


Next, we have Taylor Swift. She is a beloved pop icon, but she has changed drastically. At first Taylor Swift was making songs about her childhood and now she can’t stop making songs about kanye. She has been dressing up as zombies and wearing very revealing clothes and I believe that Taylor Swift  is a very talented singer but has gotten very weird.


Finally, we have Lil Pump who is a rapper who is only 17, and he was just introduced to rap about 3 years ago and all he talks about is sex and drugs. He has a lot of money so he shows it off like making songs about all the gucci he has. Lil Pump is very ignorant and all he does is curse. I Believe people can become very self centered from all the fame they have acquired. Here are some photos of the artists.


Over all music is a great way to get your feelings out and I believe music is a way to express yourself, what about you?


I'm Jamie Bruce, and I love music. I want to let everyone know that music is a way express them self and if they have any anger, music is a way to get it out.


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