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22 Dec 2017


Once again, school has started. You have said goodbye to the refreshing summer holidays and have started the new school year. With new assignments flooding your backpack and homework due tomorrow, here are some study tips to get ahead of the game.


1: Get plenty of sleep


While video-game binging all night sounds very appealing, getting sleep is essential.

Sleeping has many positive effects on your mind and body, sleep can help improve your memory, improve your concentration skills and boost your mood.


2: Take notes before you sleep


According to research from the National Institute of health,your brain strengthens your new memories during sleep (  so taking notes before bed will increase the chance of you remembering the information. This is good to keep in mind (for those last minute studiers).


3: Stay hydrated


80% of the brain is water, so it would make sense that being hydrated benefits your study skills. ( Research suggests that drinking water improves our ability to process information and remember more. It is also factual that dehydrated people have shorter digit spans than hydrated people.


4: Create Acronyms and Phrases


PEMDAS — Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.

“Parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition.”

Acronyms like this help us to remember important rules when doing math and other subjects. You can even make your own phrases for essential rules that you find yourself forgetting.


5: Listen during class


Listening during class will definitely improve your knowledge on the subject that you are currently studying. For example, taking notes on what your teacher is saying, taking notes on what other students say, and reviewing those notes when class ends. Reviewing notes helps strengthen your memory on them.


Tips from a teacher

I asked Michelle Snyder, a teacher in study skills at a school called TREE academy, what her suggestions were.


Balance, Organization & Advocacy
Michelle stated that Balance,Organization and Advocacy were some of the main tips for being a good studier/learner. For example, always keep your notes organized and manage your time in studying. “Students should own their relationship with learning”- Michelle Snyder.


Homeroom & Accountability

Students should always have an organized schedule to keep track of their work and school projects. Students should also always be accountable for late or poor work.


Practical skills building for deeper level learning

Students should strengthen their relationship with learning through completing challenging projects, taking notes and doing presentations as these are all skills that some students struggle with.


Future Planning

According to Michelle Snyder, the classroom should be a place for preparing for the future. Whether that be high school, university of getting a job. Michelle stated that she will try and strengthen students interests in particular areas that they enjoy and feel will benefit them in the future. “The teacher will enrich student interest through strategic planning of Passion Projects”- Michelle Snyder.


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