My take on FORTNITE

23 Dec 2017


Fortnite is a new IP (that has taken around 8 years in development) from the creators of the very well-known game gears of war and game building software called Unreal Engine. I bet that a lot of you know what Minecraft is, but anyways minecraft is a game where you survive, build and explore, now imagine that with a more complicated version of exploring and a cooler version of building.


The basics of fortnite is to protect an object called the ATLAS, which makes a force field to protect you from husks, which is basically a zombie. But don’t be afraid, because you can build forts! From the Great Pyramid of Giza to a tiny shack. Few limits can be found within the game. Now of course this game isn’t that incredible, it still lacks a feature which I’ll share with you now, communication, you know, like talking, the game lacks good communication options, right now people only have access to emote and chat, but it should have some form of voice chat to be able to communicate with your team, because i’ve had situations where no one is able to understand what’s going on.


But overall it’s a pretty high quality game with lots of interesting secrets and mechanics. A really good example of it’s large budget and unique thinking, is that to celebrate/promote the release of the game they teamed up RoosterTeeth, one of the original comedy gaming groups on youtube which is now a big budget company with great shows and movies, such as Lazer Team and RWBY, but basically Epic Games sponsored them to play it in real life, I know, pretty cool right?


My overall rating for Epic Games’ new IP is… 8/10 homemade shacks.


Click here for the RoosterTeeth video.




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