PAX West 2017

23 Dec 2017


Over the summer I went to PAX West 2017 and I got to play a lot of really fun games. Today I will provide a quick review on all the games I played. There were no bad games that I played but I still feel a need to write these reviews for the really amazing games I played.




High Hell


“High Hell” is a run and gun FPS (First Person Shooter) where you have to take down an evil corporation by running into a building, killing all the employees, steal/destroy something of importance to the company, and finally parachute of the roof. Rise and repeat. Published by Devolver Digital, High Hell is a Hotline Miami like game but instead of a top down view of the character it is 3D and an FPS that is very fast paced and a blast to play, although the game is in the shadow of Hotline Miami and adds its own creative flare to it, like it’s art, it does get pretty repetitive and sometimes it was hard for to understand what to do. 8/10 High Hell is what you've always wanted when thing about a First Person Hotline Miami and was a truly fun game to play.






Pikuniku is a fun, cheery puzzle platformer with dark undertones about government and capitalism. In the game you play as Piku and if your friends to play, they play as Niku, as you journey outside the safe village ruled by a cooky Mayor, who loves throwing perfect parties, and explore the great unknown. The game’s art is what drew me in most at PAX, it’s colorful art style reminds me of Katamari Damacy for the PlayStation 2, and lovely planet for PC and it’s humor is perfect for the goofy characters tapping into internet culture and even paradoxes. 9/10 this charming game is a game you don’t want to miss.




Slime San


Slime San is the only game on these reviews that is already out on steam, nintendo switch, and coming to PS4. Slime San is tuff as nails action platformer where you play as Slime San. In the game you navigate your way out of a giant monster’s digestive tract. The game is very reminiscent of Super Meat Boy, with it’s retro art style, fluid controls, and addictive gameplay this game is a great game to play. At the time of writing this review, I have only completed the first world and first boss. 8.5/10 this Super Meat Boy like game is was a great find at PAX West 2017 and I encourage you pick it up on steam now.




Super Meat Boy Forever


Super Meat Boy Forever is a disappointing sequel to one of the greatest action platformers Super Meat Boy. In Super Meat Boy Forever, the story continues after Super Meat Boy when Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl settle down and have a kid named nugget. However Dr. Fetus returns, steals Nugget, and Super Meat Boy & Bandage girl must save their lost child. Sounds interesting right? Well heres where the game falls apart. In Super Meat Boy Forever you don’t control Super Meat Boy anymore, instead he is constantly running and you simply press “A” to jump, playing much like an mobile app. The game is still challenging much like the first Super Meat Boy but the art is much more colorful and more like Mario, which is very different from the original. The original had this dirty color palette consisting mostly of Browns, Reds, Greys, and Purples. 2/10 Super Meat Boy Forever is a underwhelming sequel to one of my favorite games ever made.




Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves is a really fun pirate game in which you, and your friends, run a pirate ship and sail the seven seas. When I played, I got paired up with three other people in line and we set sail, stole some treasure and got trunk at the tavern with our new found loot. Sea of Thieves is an open world game where the (no pun intended) world is your oyster. A huge part of the game is ship to ship combat, where two crews fight ship to ship. Although sailing is no easy task, because the ship physics are almost identical to the real world’s. 9.5/10 I can’t wait until 2018 to play this with my friends.



Far Cry 5


Far Cry 5 was an underwhelming squall to the Far Cry saga. In Far Cry 5 you play as Joseph Seed as you try and take down the evil, corrupt, and murderous cult ruling over hope county Montana. Along your quest you will discover friends that will aid in your journey. There’s Boomer the dog (my favorite), boomer and can take out enemies and is very cute. (girl name here) who runs the bar and is always good at making explosives, and there is Rye the pilot, who flies a crop duster armed with guns and other fun stuff. Far Cry 5 is a fun game to play but is the same game as Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. 6.5/10 a fun game to play but very similar to the other games.


South Park: the fractured but whole


South Park: the fractured but whole is a hilarious game that makes you feel like you’re walking around the town of south park and talking to the residents. I can’t go into too much detail about what I did in the demo because, come on it’s South Park. However I can tell you the story because that is PG to an extent, in the game you play as “the new kid” and, much like the first South Park game, you join the LARPing club of south park, but instead of a Game of Thrones or Lord of the rings theme like from the first game, the kids are trying to cash in on the success of a joined super hero universe, which divides them. The game looks like an episode of south park in the way your character moves, the way the environment looks, and the overall aesthetic. 7.5/10 South Park: the fractured but whole is game I can tell will have me laughing for hours on end.


I will be releasing full reviews of each game when they come out.


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