Why should you become vegan?

23 Dec 2017


(Warning. some of the following images might horrify you. Some are extremely gory and cruel. But you have to know where your food comes from. Anyway, on with the article...)


Seriously though, why should you go vegan? Well, if you think the animals you eat live happy little lives, on a happy little farm, full of happy little friends, you are horribly mistaken!



Animals live in places like this ^.


And these are the cagefree ones!


Typically, they live in places like this:



“But Kaz, you're only showing us chickens! Chickens are stupid and ugly!”

No, they are not!  But if you insist, here’s what's happening to cows!


Sad, right? Wrong! Well, not as sad as this:



“Kaz you keep showing us cows, show us some pigs! Pigs are smart.”


Correct! About as smart as a dog actually! you wouldn't eat a dog, would you?


Pretend all these pigs are dogs. Unless you hate dogs. Next time you're eating your bacon think about these guys.



“But eating meat is part of the circle of life”  I bet you wouldn't be saying that if a more powerful species locked you up and started killing you and your friends. I bet you wouldn't be saying that if you were separated at birth from your parents who are then killed. I bet you wouldn't be saying that if your living space was so small you can't move your legs! Although some animals are carnivores and need meat to survive us humans don't.


“But the meat I buy is from animals that have already died. If I didn't buy it, it would be wasted” Sure the animals are already dead but in a way you killed them. “No I didn't the butcher did” Maybe the butcher did the killing but you paid the butcher to kill them. “No, I didn't I just bought the meat!” Yeah, and when you buy the meat you pay the company, and the company uses that money to pay the butcher, buy the tools, build the prisons (for animals), kill their parents…. you get the idea. Also if a company does not make enough money it goes out of business. That means no more suffering for those animals. “But Kaz, even if I do go vegan it's not like I'm going to make a difference.” Actually, you do. I have been a vegetarian for about 8 years now and according to this website (https://www.peta.org/blog/many-animals-saved) I have saved about 800 animals and if I had been a vegan I probably would have saved more! “Kaz I'm confused, you keep talking about vegans and vegetarians, what's the difference!” I'm glad you asked, vegetarians don't eat meat and vegans don't eat any animal products. “OH, ok.” Anyway, I was a vegetarian until a few days ago. “You started eating meat?” No, of course not! I went vegan. “Why did you go vegan? No animal has to die to get eggs or milk.” That's what I thought too, but recently I was proven wrong. First, I'm going to talk about eggs. Only female chickens can produce eggs right?.


So what do you think happens to the males? “I don't know, I never really thought about it, I guess they are used for having more chicks.” Wrong! ,They only need a few males for that. They get killed...horribly.



The picture above ^ is a picture of male chicks getting sorted from female chicks, do you see that chick getting chucked into a metal shoot? Yeah, that's a male chick, barely a month old. “Where is he going?” To a grinder. “That doesn't sound so bad, I mean it's not like they're alive when they get grinded” actually they are. (warning the pictures you are about to see may make you barf and or go through a state of depression. If you want to skip all that go to page 9. You have been warned.)



Yeah. pretty evil. Sorry, you had to see that but you have to know where your food comes from. But it is intense. “A-at least th-the, uh, fe-females don't, uh, die.” Uh, well the thing is after they stop producing eggs, they, get the males fate. “Y-you don't mean” Yeah. Anyway on to the milk. Only female cows can make milk right. So what happens to the male cows? They get killed. Not as horribly as male chicks but it's still sad. Their meat is sold as veal. If you didn't know veal is special meat from baby cows. At birth, they get separated from their parents. They have to live in veal crates.


Those above are veal crates. Tiny right. They never move. At all. Just stuck there. All day. Everyday. Until they die. At least they die young. By young I mean at only a few months old. Calves raised to become veal are also purposely fed an all liquid milk substitute which is deficient in iron and fiber. This insufficient diet makes the calves severely anemic in order to produce the pale colored flesh that veal-eaters prefer. Let me translate that into English. Basically, the calves are only fed weird milk that doesn’t have enough iron and fiber. So now they don't have enough blood which is extremely uncomfortable. “So why do they do it?” Well if you are anemic (that's a fancy word for not having enough blood) you turn pale. For some reason, people like their veal pale like this


Oh yeah! I forgot to say this earlier but I bet you already guessed it. The female cows get killed after they stop producing milk.


The animals of this world are not yours to do whatever you want with. They want to live just as badly as you do. They have families just as you do. Most animals can feel anger,  sadness, pain and every feeling that you can. Here are some famous vegans and vegetarians throughout history: Albert Einstein, Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo da Vinci and obviously Gandhi. “But non humans don't care! They don't have emotions!” actually they do. Theres loads of evidence. There's this book called the emotional lives of animals that has loads of great points.


Ok, I hope that convinced you.  And if you don't care about anything else then go vegan for your own sake. Veganism is really healthy. It adds entire years to your life. Want proof? https://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-food/eating-health/. Ok maybe that was a little harsh, I'm sorry, I'm just really passionate about this. Anyway, that's my whole lecture and I’ve barely scratched the surface. If you want to educate yourself more lookup PETA. that's it folks.



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