Game Review: Metro 2033



Metro 2033 is a post apocalyptic first person shooter that takes place in Russia, Moscow more specifically. After a nuclear bomb goes off, the citizens of Moscow are forced to live in the metro underground. You play as Artyom, a citizen of the metro, who’s station is attacked by Dark Ones, strange mutant creature that serve as the main antagonists of the game. After the attack, a family friend of Artyom, Hunter, asks him to go to Polis to find a man named Miller. The story of Metro 2033 is great, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but you spend the majority of the game moving through the Metro and occasionally going to the surface until you reach your final destination, Polis. Along the way you will be attacked by your fair share of mutants, Nazis and other nasty enemies.




First and foremost, this is one of the best looking and most immersive games that I have ever played. When I turn Metro on I immediately forget that I am sitting in my room in front of a monitor. It is incredibly hard to find a game that does immersion this good. It also looks incredible, with the great lighting and textures and how water from the surface drips down your gas mask, and how blood splatters it after an encounter with a particularly angry mutant and moves away as you wipe it off. Overall this game has incredible presentation, the story is great, the atmosphere is incredible, and if put on the maximum settings, it may just be one of the best looking games on PC.




The world of Metro is almost always hostile, so you will need to equip yourself with powerful weapons in order to progress with ease. There’s a great selection of guns here, from revolvers to flamethrowers and most all of them are fun to use, however, once I found a load-out that suited my play style, I stuck with it. One of the issues I have with Metro 2033 is that even when you put the game on survival mode, you have way too much ammo. I played through the game on survival mode on medium difficulty settings, and I only found myself running out of ammo once. The best moments I had in this game are the moments when I had to deal with multiple enemies, and I had limited ammo. Instead of getting reckless, I was forced to be smart and utilize stealth and well placed shots in order to succeed. The combat is great, and having lots of ammo isn’t always a bad thing, but some area just give out a little too much and make the game too forgiving. The stealth could also use some work, and the enemies are either kinda smart, or just plain dumb. Sure, it’s rough around the edges, but it’s also highly enjoyable, and I never found myself getting bored. It has to be said though, this game is far too short. It only took me roughly 6 hours to complete on my first play-through, and ended kinda suddenly which really sucks because of just how good the game is and how much I enjoyed it.


-Excellent atmosphere

-Good story

-Fun gameplay

-Cool enemies

-Very immersive

-Great graphics



-Iffy optimization

-Some bugs

-Short length

-Too much ammo on survival mode



Russian Fallout


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