Game Review: Spiderman

9 Jan 2019


As the console wars rage between Xbox and PlayStation, the release of Spiderman has given PlayStation the upper-hand. Spiderman is available only on PlayStation, and due to the sheer excellence of the game, it is safe to say that PlayStation has emerged as the superior console.


I was delighted at almost every step of Spiderman’s 15-hour storyline, thanks to Peter Parker's surprisingly deep and emotional journey. He jumps from death to affection, taking you down a rollercoaster of emotions. Players feel the love that Insomniac, the game’s creators, put into Spiderman, and it goes a long way.


Spiderman's goal is mostly about cleaning up the stains and dregs of New York City, which is not a bad thing. Because of the satisfying and impressive crime-fighting in the game, it does not get annoying like other games. Another aspect in Spiderman, is the web slinging that allows you to travel the city in style, and after hours of swinging from building to building, I can tell you it is an excellent part of the game and feels simply breathtaking. The map is  2huge and is an almost perfect replica of Manhattan. Spider-Man features some of the most intuitive and exhilarating movement I’ve ever experienced in a video game. If you wanted to wait for it to go on sale, then absolutely -- but you will not regret this purchase. If you enjoy Spider-Man, action games, and swinging through Manhattan like a God, its the game for you.


I would give this game a solid 8.6/10.


“Spider-Man for PS4 marks a game which is a joy from start to finish. It is not only one of the best games to be released this year, it is one of the defining games of a generation.”

—Impulse Gamer


“Marvel’s Spider-Man is truly spectacular.”

—Gaming Age


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