The California Drought

9 Jan 2019

As most of us know, the state of California has been going through a drought over the past several years. If the problem is not solved, the consequences will be dire.


One of the state of California's largest sources of water are the ice caps in the Sierra

Nevadas. The caps melt, and the water flows down the mountains for citizens to use. If the state was unable to tap into this source, it would cause much of the water to be unavailable.


Another key source of water in the state of California are aquifers. These are massive bodies of water that form underground after water makes its way down from the surface. The runoff then hollows out into a cave-like formation, which eventually fills up with water.


As of November 2018, forty-five percent of people living in Los Angeles are experiencing a drought, making it a very real and prevalent problem. This drought is affecting everything from farming, to drinking water. As a result, water is slowly becoming a rare commodity.


The largest consumer of water is the agricultural industry, which is responsible for over seventy-five percent of water used. A surprisingly large amount of water is used to grow walnuts. In fact, it uses 4.9 gallons of water to produce a single walnut, according to Business Insider.


The largest problem in the agricultural industries use of water, is their very inefficient dispersal methods. The industry actually wastes over sixty percent of the water they use due to runoff according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO. If the industry were to adopt a less wasteful way of dispersing water, it would more positively impact California's water supply.  


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