In attending TREE, every student and family is asked to sign their name to our TREE Promise. Every member of our faculty and staff signs a their version of it as well. It is a testament to the commitment we make to each other as a community, and our north star for when we stumble along the way.


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TREE Student Promise

In attending TREE Academy, I understand that with this opportunity comes responsibility. 
I promise to treat everyone at TREE with the utmost respect, kindness, courtesy and compassion. This means that I will not respond to anyone at TREE with a critical or negative attitude, whether it be through my words, actions, or body language. 
Instead, I promise to do my best to always express myself in ways that are mindful of others, and are not critical or hurtful. 
When I make a mistake, I promise to take responsibility for it, sincerely apologize for it, and then take the steps necessary to both correct it and to not repeat it. 
I promise to help my teachers by giving them my full, open-hearted, open-minded attention and cooperation. 
I will be honest, truthful and not misleading in my words and actions at TREE. 
I promise to do all my work to the best of my ability, and to join productively in my classes. 
I promise not to disrupt others from learning at any time, whether I am in or out of class. 
I promise to clean up after myself, and work with others to leave all TREE rooms and outside spaces cleaner and in better condition than I found them. 
I promise to arrive at school, and to each class, on time and ready to learn. I promise to observe the rules of Learning Lab – as it is a place for studying and learning. Should I need to communicate, I will only do so in the quietest tones and least disruptive manner possible. 
To keep everyone, including myself, safe and secure, I will not take any photos, films or audio recordings or text messages of anyone at TREE, and I further promise to not upload or otherwise share any images or recordings of anyone at TREE on any site, online application or internet based service. 
Most essentially, I promise to treat others as I would want to be treated.