For the 2021-2022 Academic Year, TREE is accepting student applications for our 6th through 12th grades.

We require all families to begin the admissions process by taking a private tour or attending an Open House at TREE. It is an opportunity to answer any questions you may have, and learn about TREE's unique approach. Click on the website's Homepage "Register for Open House" yellow button.


After attending a tour or Open House, TREE will email you a link to the online Enrollment Application. 

Then, please forward - or have your student's current school forward - your student's most recent Teacher Evaluations and/or Grade Reports, along with a $150.00 Application fee.


​Two Letters of Recommendation for your student(s) are required. However, we do not require ISEE test scores but would be glad to receive them. All Applications are preferred by the first week in December.

For families who may qualify for the maximum financial aid, please contact us. We may waive the ISMFAST.com fee, or credit it towards the agreed-upon tuition.

After you have filled out the online Enrollment Application, sent your student's records in and paid the enrollment fee (via a credit or debit card payment linked to the application form), we will contact you to schedule an in-person interview for you and your child with our Director of School, Darryl Sollerh.

For any additional questions you may have, please contact:

Marissa Viramontes at:
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​In addition to our regular enrollment process, we also offer a FAST TRACK process for families interested in immediate enrollment at TREE.

To proceed with a FAST TRACK application, TREE will first need your student's transcripts/records, and to schedule an interview with you, your student, our Head of Admissions, and the Director of School, Darryl Sollerh.

By applying for FAST TRACK, you are committing that should your student be accepted to TREE, he or she will attend TREE in the upcoming or current academic school year.


Full payment of the agreed-upon tuition is due within 10 business days from the date of acceptance.


​PLEASE NOTE: Families applying for FAST TRACK and financial assistance must apply for, and have completed, their ISMFAST account information before scheduling an interview.


Should you wish to apply for a FAST TRACK application, please indicate so on your online Enrollment Application (by checking the FAST TRACK box). Please then complete all steps outlined in our regular admissions process.

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Attend an Open House and share your email with us.​


  • TREE will send you a link to the online application page.

  • If you are applying for financial support, we use ISMFAST.com to determine the amount of financial aid upon which a family may qualify.

    • Please create an account and complete the ISMFAST.com application process as early as possible (see link on this page).

    • Please also make sure to supply ISMFAST.com with any documentation they may request as any delays in submitting your documents can significantly delay your TREE application process.

    • It is a good idea to make sure ISMFAST.com emails to you are not sorted into your spam/junk e-mail file, so please take all necessary steps to avoid missing any important emails from them.

    • Once ISMFAST.com has received all requested documentation, it typically takes 5 to 8 business days to provide TREE with their assessment as to the family's financial need and ability to pay.


  • The only other documentation necessary to complete your application is your student's transcripts and/or teacher narratives. Please either have them sent or otherwise delivered to TREE ASAP as the school needs them before scheduling an in-person appointment.


​Special note: TREE prefers to know if a student's enrollment is financially feasible. TREE must know beforehand what a family's financial ability is before TREE can offer a family financial support. It is, therefore, both wise and important to have a sense of the financial questions before potentially getting a student's hopes up.  

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All families and students in good standing at TREE will be sent a Parent-TREE Agreement for the Fall Semester.

Families applying for financial aid must renew their request annually, and update their documentation as per ISMFAST.com's request(s) for updated documents.


Again, please double-check your email settings to ensure that you receive all ISMFAST.com email correspondence.

Should there be any changes in a family's finances since its last evaluation, ISMFAST.com may recommend adjustments if financial aid is offered.

Returning families and students in good standing may reserve their spot at TREE for the fall of 2021 by returning their signed Parent-TREE Agreement with a non-refundable, agreed-upon deposit (20%) within 7 business days of the Parent-TREE Agreement.


For questions, please contact Marissa.Viramontes@treeacademy.org 


Some financial aid may be available on an as needs-based formula as determined by ISMFAST.com, based on nationally recognized standards for financial grants. Please click on the financial aid button to be linked to ISMFAST.com where you can create your personal account.


Thank you!



Tuition Insurance is provided through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. The Tuition Insurance Plan is a unique form of insurance originated by Dewar to provide families the opportunity to protect their tuition investment in independent schools. The program refunds a portion of the unused annual tuition and insured fees when students are withdrawn or dismissed for covered reasons. The Plan's benefit extends to the school by helping to insure receipt of its budgeted tuition income. The Tuition Insurance Plan has a proven track record of providing tuition security to families and schools since its inception in 1930. Currently more than 1,200 schools and colleges rely on its protection. For more information about Dewar's Tuition Insurance plan, please click


A sampling of schools

TREE Academy students have received acceptances to: