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Why give to TREE?

For more than 8 years, TREE Academy has offered an exceptional middle and high school education with an inspiring, unique, individualized approach.  As TREE continues to take roots and grow, so too does our extensive network of students, parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends who will always be able to call TREE "home".

But as a non-profit school that prides itself on making itself accessible to a wide net of deserving families, tuition covers only a portion of operating costs. So we need to fill the gap!  And that's where you come in.

Additional, community, financial support is crucial to delivering the kind of outstanding education on which TREE prides itself. Gifts to TREE Academy help fill that gap and provide:

- well-resourced classrooms

- campus upgrades

- professional development for our faculty

- enhanced financial assistance

- expanding programs

In other words - your gifts ensure the longevity of our innovative, progressive approach to 6-12 education. Your participation and generosity—at whatever level is personally meaningful— advances our mission of innovating education for a new generation.  


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