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Our Mission

Our Philosophy

TREE Recognizes that every student is unique. 
That’s why we created a different kind of school that is uniquely designed to build trusting collaborative relationships, cultivate discovery and support authenticity.
TREE Academy teacher working with students

Collaboration & Trust

TREE Academy teacher and student collaborating

TREE inspires trusting and collaborative relationships between students and teachers. By meeting kids where they are, emotionally, socially and academically, we discover their unique needs to set them up for success. We develop trust with students by balancing their personal interests and academic development with their family and community needs and responsibilities.

  • Small Classes

    • At TREE, the close-knit community between students and teachers fosters a deep sense of trust, enabling the learning experience to be tailored to each student's needs and preferences, fostering a sense of discovery.

  • Less Homework

    • Class schedules designed with homework blocks at school eliminate the crushing work loads that keep kids from their families and other interests.

  • Weekly Tutoring

    • With two-on-one tutoring for every student in all core subjects, our teachers can instill academic rigor while addressing individual student needs.


In a collaborative learning environment, TREE provides students opportunities to discover who they are and what they love — empowering them to create lives filled with meaning and purpose. The founders of TREE architected the school to help students develop skills through interest-based learning in the classroom and beyond. TREE was designed for families feeling disillusioned by the standardization and rote memorization taking place in many schools today.

  • Academic Rigor

    • A focus on core academics provides a strong foundation from which students can explore their interests and passions.

  • Real Learning

    • Students work with mentors to design and create personalized projects to inspire a lifetime love of learning and the skills to get things done!

  • Social Life

    • As hard as it may be to believe, TREE students actually love school! Our inviting environment opens the door for students to be accepted for who they are and contribute to their community.

TREE Academy student and teacher working together

Authentic Expression

TREE Academy student receiving diploma

Individual expression and diversity of thought fosters authenticity. TREE inspires students to find their true voice, interests and passions while at the same time exploring their role in a just society. By centering our approach on the whole child experience, TREE provides a new, authentic education; that celebrates self-discovery, diversity, creativity, intellectual inquiry and academic achievements.

  • Social Consciousness

    • TREE's mission includes creating a learning environment that celebrates and strives to reflect the diverse cultural and socio-economic world we live in.

  • Human Development

    • TREE balances life skills and academics. Mentors, counselors, faculty and peer groups provide skills to develop our students’ practical, social and emotional learning.

  • Prepared for Success

    • Every graduate who applied in the last three years was accepted to one of their first choice colleges! TREE also supports students who choose alternative paths to their success.

A sampling of schools TREE Academy students have received acceptances to:

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