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Core Electives

Culinary Science

TREE’s Culinary Science class provides students an experiential understanding of the foundation of cooking and the interdependent relationship between food, health, and the environment. The students will be taught not only the process of food manipulation, e.g., flavoring, seasoning and preserving food, but will also incorporate the principles of physics and chemistry. 


Every class is a hands-on exercise in creativity and the development of confidence through a subject we all love - food. The Culinary teacher is both a highly experienced Vegan (and non-Vegan) Chef who will teach advanced cooking techniques as well as explore the symbiotic relationships between our modern methods of food production/agriculture, nutrition, food source sustainability and climate change.


At TREE Academy, we believe meditation and yoga are essential life skills. All students at TREE are required to spend a semester each academic year taking our meditation or yoga courses, offered by teachers with extensive meditative practices and yoga teaching experiences.



Developing our students' creative and inventive talents and interests is an active, vital part of our curriculum and community. 


Our class offerings include:

   * SUPER Junior Illustrators Foundations
   * SUPER Future Illustrators
   * SUPER Social Justice Art
   * SUPER Senior Mural Project


TREE’s music program allows students to explore their creativity both vocally and instrumentally. Our music instructors help students not only develop their talents, but also learn music production and recording in our on-campus studio.

  • Intro to Guitar

  • Band

  • Advanced Band

  • Introduction to Beat Making

  • Advanced Beat Making 

  • Recording Arts

  • Percussion and Drumming

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Additional 2022-23 Electives

  • Women's Studies

  • Boxing

  • Financial Literacy

  • Cake Decoration

  • Film Appreciation

  • Acting Technique

  • Yoga

  • Slam Poetry

  • City Exploration

  • Computer Science

  • Creative Writing

  • Makers Lab

  • Student Government

  • Marine Biology

  • Art History

  • Conversation Corner

  • Sociology of Deviance

  • Psychology of Games (Avalon & Settlers of Catan)

  • History of Hip Hop

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