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Covid-19 Precautions and Responses

Before making any decisions about whether we can reopen our campus, or need to close our campus, we will consult with one of the nation's leading epidemiologists and emerging diseases specialists. Our hope and intention will be to open our campus as soon as it is safe to do so. We will use a Hybrid model (described below) when we are able to open our campus until Covid is no longer a threat (meaning when a vaccine is widely and readily available -- and which time we will require all faculty, staff and students to receive).

We are currently installing HD cameras and mics in every classroom so that from now on our faculty can offer simultaneous instruction online while on campus. We will then alternate the days on which the Middle and High School students attend classes on campus. For example, if our Middle Schoolers were on campus Monday, our High Schoolers would work from home online. On Tuesday, our Middle Schoolers would work from home online while our High Schoolers attended their classes on campus. The net effect would be that only half of our student population would be on campus on any given day. As important, using this approach will mean that no TREE student would ever be too far from the social contact they yearn for and need.

An additional benefit to having permanent cameras and mics means that students who may be in a vulnerable population, or who may be contending with colds or mild flus, will not miss out on their classes.

Under any circumstances, and while Covid remains a threat, TREE will require the wearing of face masks throughout the day, as well as hand sanitizing and a temperature check for anyone wishing to enter our campus. We will also have Face Shields for our faculty and staff to protect them as much as possible.

Our approach will be safety first.

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