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Human Development

TREE’s Human Development Team fosters connections between students and faculty, mediates conflicts, and serves as an overall foundation of support to the community's social and emotional needs. 

TREE Academy students doing activity to foster connection

Life Skills Classes

The Human Development Team teaches a cornerstone course at TREE called Life Skills. A required course for all students in Grades 6-12, it emphasizes Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies such as:


  • Self-Awareness 

  • Social-Awareness 

  • Self-Management 

  • Relationship Skills 

  • Responsible Decision-Making 

TREE Academy students participating in restorative circle

Restorative Practices

Because TREE values and prioritizes relationships and community, we focus on restorative practices rather than punitive punishments. The Human Development Team hosts restorative circles where participants gain a clear understanding of the consequences associated with their actions. Through circles, participants are provided the opportunity to collaborate with others to find solutions to repair and restore their relationships and community. 

Social Justice

TREE’s systemic approach to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and restorative practices means that the school is always intentionally cultivating a caring, participatory, and equitable learning environment so that our students can become responsible and engaged citizens in a multicultural world. 

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