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In addition to developing physical fitness and well-being, our balanced Athletic program of physical activities and development teaches the virtues of sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership.

Students at TREE are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities, including a wide variety of sports. The key to the success of our athletic program is the emphasis placed on the personal development of each individual student. We strongly believe that competing in the athletic arena helps young people develop character, self-discipline and responsibility through the experience of success and failure. Helping our athletes build a positive self-image instills a sense of pride in themselves, their friends, and their school.

Learning how to set – and strive for – individual and team goals, as well as the value of hard work and determination, are essential lessons our students will carry with them through life.

As we look forward to the upcoming school year, we look to build upon the successes we have already accomplished in the short time the Athletic Department has been operational at TREE. Our Boys Varsity Basketball team went 14-5 last year, and our Boys Middle school team went undefeated in their inaugural season. We plan to field our first Girls Basketball team this coming year as well. Our Girls Volleyball program will also compete on the high school varsity level for the first time. The Boys Varsity Volleyball team got off to a great start this spring before having their season curtailed by the pandemic crisis, but they will also be back next spring. In addition to these sports, we are also actively attempting to add several more team and individual sports to those already offered at TREE.

We also offer Yoga and Dance and a competitive TREE SPARTANS RACE TEAM, and Team Sports for all students.

Go Spirit Warriors!!!


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