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Student Devices & Electronic Accounts

Cell-Phone Policy

As we all can admit, we live in a society where we are addicted to our cell phones. We recognize that having one’s cell phone with them can provide a sense of security. While we acknowledge this, we also feel that cell phones take away from students learning and relationship building while on campus. 


This year we will have a phone free campus through a new program called Yondr. Each student will be assigned their own Yondr pouch that they must take home and to school each day throughout the school year. 


In the beginning of Block 1, students will be required to take out their cell phone, turn it off, place it in their Yondr pouch, and secure it closed for the rest of the day. They then will place it on their desk for their teacher to check that it is in fact locked. Students will be able to keep their cell phone on them and in their Yondr pouch all day, where they cannot access it. Students can only access their cell phones once they tap their Yondr pouch at an unlocking base, as they leave for school at the end of the day. 


If a student needs to use their cell phone for an emergency, there will be an unlocking base at the front desk where students can open their Yondr pouch, with an adult’s permission.

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Personal Computer

This year TREE will allow students to choose between their personal laptop device and a TREE issued Chromebook.  If a student elects to bring their own personal device, they are expected to bring it to school every day.

School-Issued Chromebooks

Students who elect not to bring a personal computer from home will be assigned a school issued Chromebook. If a student is assigned a school issued Chromebook for the year, they may bring it home to complete homework assignments. 

Students who have elected to bring a personal computer from home, but have forgotten it, are allowed to check out a Chromebook to use for the day from our Operations Manager or Administrative Assistant in the Front Office. In this case, students will return the Chromebook to whomever lent them the device in order to ensure that it has not been taken.

Any damage to the Chromebook that compromises the Chromebook’s practical use, or the loss of a Chromebook, will result in the family having to purchase a new Chromebook through TREE. The replacement fee is $350, due immediately.  

Student Email Accounts

Each student at TREE will have their own email account.  Please be advised that TREE email addresses are the property of TREE Academy and should never be used for personal, confidential, or otherwise sensitive information. They are to be used exclusively for school and  school related matters and are subject to inspection and monitoring. TREE Academy reserves the right to review the contents and/or use of these accounts at any time, and at our sole discretion.