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TREE Testimonials

Help Us Create Testimonial Videos for TREE ACADEMY!

Help Us Create Testimonial Videos for TREE ACADEMY!


Calling all current and past TREE Academy parents, guardians, and students! We’re curating a series of testimonial videos to get the word out about our school—and we need your help! We want to hear your thoughts about how your experience at TREE has impacted your and your family’s lives for the better. All you have to do is film a quick self video on your cell phone and if able, you can also submit photos or videos that highlight your student’s experience at the school. 


We appreciate your prompt submissions; ongoing entries are welcome.


Below are a few prompts intended to inspire ideas for your video:


  • Introduce yourself and describe your relationship with TREE

  • What initially attracted you to TREE?

  • Can you share a specific moment or experience at the school that was particularly meaningful for you or your child?

  • How do you feel TREE’s environment and culture differs from more traditional educational settings?

  • How does TREE nurture individuality and diversity?

  • How did teachers and staff contribute to your child’s experience? 

  • In what way did TREE cultivate creativity and critical thinking for your child?

  • What is your child doing now and how did TREE prepare them?


When Filming:

  • Film with your cell phone horizontally (sideways), an arm's length away from yourself. 

  • Film during the day in an area with a lot of light (outside or in a room with windows). 

  • Avoid setting up backdrops and areas with background noise. 

  • Try to keep videos under 2 minutes long.


Tips for Success:

  • Be authentic. We want to hear your unscripted, authentic, and real love for the school. 

  • Email a downloadable video (please do not send via YouTube). Services such as Google Drive, WeTransfer, and DropBox allow you to send HD videos for free.

Please email selfie videos to Please include your full name in the email.

If possible, please also send photographs or videos that highlight your student’s experience. If you talked about a specific program or event, share visuals of those things!


We plan to use the videos on TREE’s social media channels and/or the website.


Thank you!

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