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TREE is an innovative non-profit school with a customized academic approach. We provide both small classes combined with individual college-preparatory instruction — for every student and every class — which means weekly tutorial blocks for each of our core academic classes. TREE is designed for high achievers and students feeling disillusioned, for those with burning passions as well as for those with unique learning styles — all looking for a student-centered, interdisciplinary approach to the creative arts and new technologies at a unique, diverse campus and community center, dedicated to the joy of learning.

Collaboration & Trust

• Small Classes • Student Centered Homework • Weekly Tutoring By meeting students where they are, emotionally, socially and academically, TREE teachers develop supportive, responsive relationships that engender trust. As a result, students share more openly and learn more successfully. 


• Academic Confidence • Differentiated Learning • Social & Emotional Life Skills Paul Cummins' progressive approach to education is woven throughout the fabric of TREE where a collaborative and engaging learning environment provides students with broad opportunities to discover who they are and what they love — empowering them to create lives filled with meaning and purpose. 

Authentic Expression

• Social Justice • Human Development • Prepared for Success Individual expression and diversity of thought fosters authenticity. TREE inspires students to find their true voice, interests and passions while at the same time exploring their role in a just society. 

Collab, Disco, Auth Exp'n
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