TREE Academy is a unique, innovative non-profit school with a customized educational approach. We provide both small classes combined with individual college-preparatory instruction – for every student, every class, every week -- which means five tutorial blocks per week to our 6th through 12th grade students. We offer a student-centered,  interdisciplinary learning experience to the Creative Arts and New Technologies at a unique, diverse Campus, dedicated to Social and Environmental Justice. Our mission is to create schools wherein students from every background will not only acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed academically and professionally, but are equally inspired to develop and refine their individual passions and talents through joyful self-discovery and empathetic service to others. Our every effort and deepest hope is to support our students in leading lives filled with imagination, service, meaning and purpose, ennobled by their dedication to inclusive social justice, shared resource sustainability and enlightened world progress for all human beings.


With an average 10 students per class, we also provide each student with five, two-on-one weekly classes in the five "solids", ensuring that each of our 6th through 12th grade students are able to participate, contribute and discover their passions.


TREE offers a wide array of topical Elective classes, providing students with a rich selection of opportunities to explore their interests and passions, as well as to discover new ones. Each student selects their own  yearly Passion Project. 



We are accredited (WASC and CAIS), our classes are all UC Approved; we meet all UC A-G requirements and are NCAA approved. We also prepare students for life with ongoing Life Skills classes for their social/emotional learning, and offer courses in Meditation.

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  • Five 2-on-1 tutorial classes for every student, every week in all core subjects

  • Fully staffed Human Development Team

  • Full-time Campus Counselor

  • Art

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Life Skills 

  • Sustainable World Studies

  • Culinary Science with a Master Chef

  • The Coltrane Music Recording Studio

  • Organic Gardening

  • Creative Writing

  • Maker's Lab 

  • Robotics

  • Learning Lab

  • Spartan Training

  • Contemporary Voice

  • Volleyball Team

  • Basketball, J.V. and Varsity Teams

  • Social Conscience Community Service

  • Human Rights Watch Student Task Force


With a shared vision for creating a school that focused on individual students rather than an "average" student -- which in truth doesn't exist -- it is our intent to provide a new approach that celebrates self-discovery, diversity, creativity, intellectual inquiry and academic achievement.



"My older son went to TREE last year and, quite simply, loved it. It was an amazing experience for him and inspired us to send his younger brother. After the first week this year, the older one, completely unprompted, said, 'I really like school this year. I think it’s gonna be great.’ We’ve had nothing but positive experiences and have seen real transformations in our kids and the children of our other TREE friends."


Erick Brownstein