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Attendance Policy

Families as Partners with Attendance

Consistent attendance is essential to our students’ success. All students are required to be present for their assigned classes, to attend all school meetings, and to participate in all curricular activities, including field trips and community service projects. Please help us to support students’ attendance by: 

  • Scheduling appointments before or after school hours

  • Making sure your child gets enough sleep 

  • Teaching the benefits of good attendance and consequences of poor attendance  

  • Creating back-up systems (alternative plans for getting to and from school)

  • Informing the school if there are extenuating circumstances impacting attendance


In order for an absence to be excused, a parent / guardian must complete this form by 9 am the day of absence.

This form will collect the following information:

  • Student's First & Last Name

  • Student's Grade

  • Date of Absence

  • Time of Absence

  • Reason for Absence / Tardiness / Early Pick Up

Excused Absences

It is critical for families to notify the school if their student will be absent, tardy, or picked up early due to the following circumstances: 

  • Illness / Injury

  • Medical / counseling appointments

  • Family emergencies

  • Observance of religious holidays / celebrations

  • Funerals 

  • Experiential learning

Unexcused Absences

Families will be notified each time a student is absent or tardy without an excuse.

It is the family’s responsibility to get students to school on time. 

Late arrivals to school and classes shall be noted and added cumulatively to a student’s overall attendance record. Students are allotted a passing period of five minutes between classes. A late arrival is disruptive to others, cuts down on the time everyone has for learning, and diminishes the  intellectual and engaged culture at school. When a student is late for school or leaving early, they need to check in at the Security Desk. 

Students cannot have more than 3 days of unexcused absences per semester, which is equivalent to a total of 21 individual blocks of unexcused absences (3 days x 7 blocks per day = 21 total blocks). 

Excessive absences may result in a student’s inability to participate in school activities, including but not limited to field trips, athletic teams, community wide events, etc. 

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