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Emergency Response Plan

TREE Academy has prepared plans for various emergency situations. Our school staff has been trained, and drills are held regularly to ensure our community understands our emergency procedures.

Emergency Regulations and Procedures are posted in every classroom. Students should familiarize themselves with these regulations and procedures, and, in the event of an emergency, follow them. We undergo regular inspections by the Fire Department to make sure our preparations are as current as possible. The safety and welfare of the students is our primary concern in the event of an emergency. Your children should be instructed to obey the directions of their teachers and Administrators. If walking or riding bicycles to campus during an earthquake or other emergency situation, students should be told to continue towards their destination (either to, or from school).

We will communicate via email blasts to update our entire community should an emergency situation occur, or develop.

Following an earthquake or other emergency, do not immediately drive to the school. The school access route and street entrance must remain clear for emergency vehicles.

All families or pre-designated parties who come for students must sign them out from the office, or at the temporary Student Release Station. Should we need to evacuate campus, as per our Emergency Plan, we will walk to the parking lot located at the end of Holloway Plaza Drive (located directly across from St. Victor’s Church).

As per our Emergency Plan, families should go to the Sunset Plaza Parking Lot to pick up their student(s). There is a staircase connecting the Holloway Plaza parking area to the Sunset Plaza Parking lot above).

No communications with the media or other emergency personnel are to be carried out by anyone except the Director of School, the Assistant Director of School, or a designated person in charge.

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