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TREE Academy Graduation Requirements









History /

Social Science

4 years


4 years


Laboratory Science

3 years

3 years

Foreign Language

2 years

Visual & Performing Arts

1 year

College Preparatory Elective

1 year

1 year of U.S. History & Geography

1 year of World History, Culture, & Geography

1 semester of American Government & Civics

1 semester of Economics

College preparatory English that integrates reading of classic and modern literature, regular writing and practice listening and speaking.

Including or integrating the topics covered in elementary and advanced Algebra and two- and three-dimensional Geometry.

Providing fundamental knowledge in at least two of the three disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We strongly urge our students to take an additional, non-lab year of science as well.

Same language other than English or equivalent to the second level of high school instruction.


One year chosen from Dance, Music, Theater, or the Visual Arts. We strongly urge students to take at least three years of the arts.


Chosen from the “A-F” courses beyond those used to satisfy the requirements above, or courses that have been approved solely in the elective area.

*Senior Seminars count

Per CA State HS Graduation Requirements

CA State


Physical Education

2 years

TREE Specific Graduation Requirements
Life Skills

Each year at TREE Academy, students are expected to take a weekly Life Skills class with our Human Development Department. The purpose of this class is for students to develop in their social emotional learning including but not limited to self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, and relationship skills.


For one semester each year, students will take a weekly meditation class throughout their time at TREE Academy.

Community Service

Every student at TREE is required to perform hours of community service. Middle School students are required to perform 10 hours of community service, and High School students are required to perform 30 hours.

TREE will offer various opportunities as well as on-campus tasks and chores to help students fulfill this requirement. However, students are encouraged to perform community service away from TREE and are only asked that it be verified by the foundation or organization for which our students gave community service hours. Community Service at TREE is a required activity and every student must fulfill their minimum required hours to be credited for the completion of that academic year.

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