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Lunch and Snacks

From Home

Students may bring lunches and snacks from home. Microwaves are available for use. We ask that you join us in striving for “zero waste” by sending lunches and drinks in reusable containers with your student’s name labeled on them. 

Hot Meal Lunch Plan

This year we will be offering on campus catering for students from Citizen Sprout.  An account is necessary and may be created at this link and directions for doing so may be found in the New Family Welcome Packet. Please note this is only for lunch, and it is suggested that a snack be brought from home. 

Food Drop-Off Services

Please note that we do NOT allow third party services to drop off food to our students, including but not limited to UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash, etc. 

Basketball Courts & Garden

During lunch, high school students may choose to eat on the Basketball Courts or in the Garden. Middle school students may eat on the Basketball Courts, as the Garden is a “high school only” space at lunch time. Students may only eat inside if they are attending a club or another meeting supervised by a staff or faculty member. 


During lunch, 12th grade students are eligible to go off campus, with parent / guardian permission. They must show their student ID to our security guard, who will note which students have left for lunch. Students are expected to return on time to their 5th block class by 12:55PM. If a student is late to their 5th block 3 times in a semester, this privilege may be revoked for the current semester. 

Energy Drinks

Students are not allowed to consume energy drinks while at school. This is because consuming energy drinks may induce symptoms including restlessness, tremors, palpitations, and nervousness.

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