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Board Announces
Dr. Christopher Wiebe 
Head of School

May 12 , 2023

Dear TREE Academy Community, 

On behalf of the TREE Academy Board of Directors, I am excited to deliver great news! After a broad and thorough process, our Search Committee sent a unanimous recommendation to the Board to appoint Christopher R. Wiebe, Ed.D., as our new Head of School.


Our parent and faculty surveys earlier in the year helped identify the skills, experience and characteristics most important to our community.  In Chris, we found a candidate who embodies all of them: more than 15 years of independent school experience; a passionate advocate for progressive education; and an inspiring and visionary leader who embraces TREE’s mission. 

During his visits to the TREE campus, Chris had an opportunity to meet with faculty, parents and students. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive!  In addition, the Search Committee was drawn to his warmth, enthusiasm for community building and his understanding of the importance of an innovative and individualized approach to education that will serve the needs of TREE’s diverse student population.

Chris comes to us from Bridges Academy where he is currently Associate Head of School. He began his tenure in the high school classroom as an English teacher, became curriculum coordinator, and worked as both assistant and high school division director. Over the years, Chris has developed a deep knowledge of educational leadership, curriculum and instruction, culture building, social-emotional learning, and student-focused programs. He co-created a passion-based learning model that channels interest and passions into concrete goals and accomplishments. In addition to his work in schools, Dr. Wiebe has produced scholarly work concerning national education tech policy and strength-based educational approaches. 

We asked Chris during the interview process what he might envision his title to be as a leader, he replied, “Chief Inspirer.” And that he is!  Chris won’t officially begin his work at TREE until June, but he is already learning everything he can about the school. The Board looks forward to welcoming Chris, his wife Erin, and their two children, Diego (5) and Esmeralda (1), to the TREE family.  


A communication from Chris can be found on the TREE website

We are grateful to Sarah Moore for the terrific job she has done as our Acting Principal since February. Special thanks to the Search Committee for their dedication, hard work and commitment to the process.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the Gala tomorrow! 

Paul Cummins, co-Founder, Board Chair
Board of Directors



Welcome to TREE Academy's page for updates on the search for a new Head of School. We understand that finding the right leader for our school is crucial to ensuring that we continue to provide an innovative education and opportunities for our students. That's why we want to keep our community informed throughout the search process.


We have formed a Search Committee consisting of the following members:


  • Paul Cummins, Chair of the Board of Trustees

  • Dan Bucatinsky, ‘23, ‘26, Board of Trustees

  • Chrishaunda Lee Perez, Board of Trustees

  • Amanda Enclade,’22, ‘24 Board of Trustees

  • Sarah Moore, Administration Representative

  • Molly Gouveia, Math Dept. Teacher Representative

  • Arturo Hernandez, Spanish Dept. Teacher Representative

  • Yamara Taylor, ‘27, Parent Representative

  • Brennan Linder, ‘25, Parent Representative

  • Anna Waronker, ‘27, Parent Representative

  • Roger Weaver, Former Head of School, Crossroads (Consultant)


A search is currently underway.  Your participation and feedback will be an important part of our recruitment effort.  The following is an outline of the process we are following:


  1. Job Posting: Starting in the Fall of 2022, the Head of School and other leadership positions for TREE Academy were created to recruit qualified candidates and have been receiving applicants ever since.

  2. Candidate Evaluation:  In January, Paul Cummins and the Board’s Executive Committee evaluated potential candidates and identified the 8-10 most appropriate for TREE’s unique educational approach.

  3. Community Feedback:  We are now sending a survey to the community to prioritize the specific qualities, features and goals of a TREE education - that parents and faculty most value in our school – to best match and evaluate the applicants.

  4. Selection of Finalists:  Next, the HoS Search Committee - comprised of Board members, faculty, and parents (list available on - bound by confidentiality, will meet with the appropriate applicant pool. The Search Committee will then narrow the list down to a small group of finalists.

  5. Campus Visits:  The top candidate or candidates will be invited to campus to tour the school, attend classes, and meet with a cross-section of students, staff, faculty, and parents. This will give all stakeholders a chance to get a closer look at the finalists and provide feedback.

  6. Final Recommendation and Board Vote:  The HoS Search Committee will meet to recommend a Head of School to the Board, who will then vote to ratify the selection. 


The committee has already started the search process and is actively seeking candidates who share our values and vision for TREE Academy.

We are committed to finding a Head of School who will build upon the strong foundation that has been established at our school. We are looking for someone who has a passion for an innovative approach to education and a proven track record of leadership in an independent school. Our ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of educational pedagogy and a commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive community for our students, faculty, and staff.


As the search progresses, we will update this page with information on our progress and milestones. We will also provide information in the form of an FAQ to answer specific questions and concerns. 


Thank you for your support and commitment to TREE Academy.

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