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We are here for support! 
Reach out for any questions, concerns or to share an idea:
Class Representatives:

Team TREE organizes Class Representatives for the middle school, high school and senior class to focus on individual class needs and communications. 

Welcome to the Team TREE!

In collaboration with the administration, faculty, and Board of Trustees, Team TREE is dedicated to fostering community participation.  It supports, plans, and funds events and programs that enhance connection and school growth.

Team TREE Meetings

We have 2 different monthly Team TREE parent meetings:


  • ZOOM TeamTREE Meetings: 4th Thursdays 6pm (link sent same day)

  • Coffee Mixers at Dialog Cafe, just up the street from school: 2nd Mondays after drop off

Team TREE Annual Events

Team TREE hosts and enhances many other activities and events throughout the year. These events support our primary mission of enhancing connection and community, for both parents and students:


  • Welcome Back Taco Party 

  • Winter Jam

  • NEW this year: The TREE all-inclusive Gala!

  • Friendsgiving

  • Ice Cream Days

  • Pizza Parties

  • Halloween

  • Valentines Day

  • Teacher Appreciation Days

  • TREE Spring Dance, and so much more. 

Team TREE Treasury

What we do not only takes time and dedication, it very much depends on Team TREE having its own budget which is separate from the operating budget of the school. 

If it is possible for your family, please participate by donating $200 or more to the Team TREE Treasury. We understand every family’s budget is different, and we’re grateful for any amount. If you can only do $25, we say thanks so much; if you can do more than $200 to help even the gap we are so grateful. This budget (which will be transparent and shared) will allow us to do everything we want for our school community.

How to donate: 


VENMO  @TREE-academy



Team TREE Parent Association 

8628 Holloway Drive, West Hollywood, CA  90069


Volunteering is a core part of TREE, and we gratefully welcome the involvement of all families.  We have many volunteer opportunities, and whether you chair an event, serve on a committee, attend an event (virtual or otherwise), your participation, voice and ideas play a critical role in strengthening our community. 

Email to see how you can get involved:

Parent Community Service

Team TREE hosts several parent/guardian service opportunities on campus. Parents can participate on our Beatification Days, collect and donate cans for our Thanksgiving Food Drive, or participate in our Beach Cleanups - everyone is welcome. There will be many opportunities throughout the year. We will share updates at our monthly Thursday Zoom meetings. At TREE we believe we grow by giving, and we demonstrate this to our children by our own community service.

Please, become an active member of Team TREE - it’s the easiest way to help our kids feel at home and grow at TREE!

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