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TREE Academy - English Department

Summer 2022

Suggested Summer Reading


The suggested summer reading assignments and other suggested English development programs are purely optional and merely suggestions from the English department. Students will not be graded or quizzed on these assignments at the return of school, and there will be no assignments attached during the school year contingent upon these assignments. The suggested reading material on this list may or may not be included in students’ English curricula during the school year. However, each teacher has carefully selected their suggestions based on the curriculum for the upcoming year, and students will benefit from these assignments and will be able to use them as references in future assignments (essays, discussions, etc.).

English Development Programs

In strengthening their foundations in writing cogently, reading independently, and thinking critically and analytically, TREE Academy students engage with challenging and thought-provoking reading material in each grade level in order to engage in socratic discussion with their instructors and peers and to produce increasingly more sophisticated writing assignments. During the school year, reading material includes rhetoric, poetry, short stories; plays, critical essays, articles and novels.

6th Grade

7th Grade


The Giver - Lois Lowry

The Giver is a morally driven and interesting story about a young boy called Jonas who lives in a society free of crime and sadness. At the age of 12, children are assigned their jobs, which they will train for and do for the rest of their lives. Everything is chosen; from your parents to your partner.

Hatchet - Gary Paulsen

Hatchet is a young-adult adventure novel about Brian Robeson's survival following a plane crash. The novel explores themes of positive thinking and perseverance as Brian faces challenges from nature, like bears, porcupines, dehydration, and starvation; all with only his trusty hatchet to help him.

7th Grade

8th Grade


The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

The Book Thief centers around the life of Liesel Meminger, a 10-year-old girl living in Germany during World War II. Liesel's experiences are narrated by Death, who describes both the beauty and destruction of life in this era.

The Other Side of Truth - Beverly Naidoo

The Other Side of Truth is a young adult novel about Nigerian political refugees, written by Beverley Naidoo and published by Puffin in 2000. It is set in the autumn of 1995 during the reign in Nigeria of the despot General Abacha, who is waging a campaign of suppression against journalists.

8th Grade
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